Monday, May 03, 2010

The Future Of True Blood On This Blog

Is looking absolutely positive. Did anyone think I was suddenly going to ditch this show? I've fallen head over loafers for the series and now that I've finished with the second season (which I enjoyed more than the first), the future for this show being discussed on this blog is looking positive indeed. So, a brief manifesto of sorts.

- There are webisodes that are being done for the series, prior to the arrival of the third season. I will look into them, review wise.
- Book reviews will commence again next week when I'm done with All Together Dead.
- I'm not waiting for FXUK to air the third season. I'm going to do it at US pace, so I apologise to UK viewers/readers of this blog for spoilers in advance.
- And isn't that above Season 3 cast shot bloody fangtastic (I know crap pun but it wouldn't be suppressed).
- Season 2 is available on DVD from May 17th as well for Region 2 fans.


RoseTintsMyWorld said...

Hi! :) I just found your blog through a LJ comm and was reading through your old True Blood reviews and I think your view on the series is really cool and interesting. Very different than the other reviewers I've read.

In fact, I think yours are the only reviews I'll read from now on xD.

Definitely looking forward for what you'll bring next season!

shawnlunn2002 said...

Cool, I post there fairly regularly and right now, True Blood is my fave American show and I'm sure as hell looking forward to Season 3. I'll try and have the reviews up every two or three days after US trasmission as well. Looking forward to this season.