Monday, May 10, 2010

Time Warps

I don't know about everyone else but I've been divided about Rachel Berry on Glee for some time now. Sure, Lea Michele can sing excellently but there are times when I wish that more characters were given bigger numbers than just Rachel. This week, in a homage to all things bad, Rachel/Finn/Puck/Jesse got to do both Run Joey Run (never heard of it) and Total Eclipse Of The Heart. And while Rachel probably should've informed all three that she was using them in the video for the former, I do think they overreacted a tad. Why was Puck so narked? He doesn't even fancy her all that much and as for the Glist, it did make sense that it was Quinn. Nice to see that Quinn still can be a bitch. Wouldn't want her getting all soft on us. Other highlights from this one included Emma calling Will out on his crap, any moment between Sue and her sister and Kurt/Mercedes/Brittany/Artie/Tina's failings to be bad-ass. The Olivia Newton-John appearance and Physical remake with Sue however didn't work that well and please stop Will rapping, it's painful.

You can tell that we're towards the end of Lost forever because more characters are dropping like flies. This season we've had Juliet's death linger on for two episodes, confirmation that Locke is totally gone, Illana blown to smithereen and now this episode delivered four big death and for this show, that is an achievement. Will anyone be alive by the time we get to The End? Jin, Sun and Frank all died inside a bloody submarine and when Sayid came back from the brink, he had to go and sacrifice himself, didn't he? And this week's episode, featuring The West Wing actress Alison Janney features none of the main cast.

I've been missing Grey's Anatomy for a bit but after reading about The Time Warp, I made the effort to go and watch it for myself and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. Sarah Paulson and J August Richards did a good job as the younger versions of Ellis and Richard and this is coming from someone who's never been that interested in anything involving those characters at all but am I really supposed to believe that Ellis drove him to drink? The whole series of lectures in this episode was brilliantly done out. I liked seeing a reserved Miranda who learned to stand up for herself by having such a bitch for a resident and even the reveal of Alex/Callie sleeping with each other during Season 2 didn't bother me, though it seemed to nark Arizona for some reason.

Desperate Housewives is another show beginning to reach it's conclusion. Introducing John Barrowman's Patrick Logan was much needed at this point. I've been bored shitless of seeing the actor in rubbish Saturday night game shows so it's nice to see him a role as removed from Jack Harkness as humanly possible. That being said as good as the Patrick debut was, there are some still rubbish plotting - Susan and Gabby competing with their kids again, Lynette's hatred in Porter's fiance Irina, Bree favouring Rex's kid Sam over her own. No wonder new couple Katherine and Robin decided to leave Wisteria Lane.

Every time BBC3 say there's a new series of Family Guy, I should cop on to the fact that they're usually a season behind. Season Eight started in double bill form last night on the digital channel and it was a fine enough opening episodes. Stewie and Brian's jumping back and forth into different realities certainly hit a funny bone or two, though Peter's brief dalliance with a fecking cardboard cutout of a supermodel was less funny.

- Katee Sackhoff turned down the role of Debbie Pelt in True Blood. Okay it's not the best role but I thought any actor would want to be on that show nowadays. And Lafayette's fella in the third season will be supernatural.
- Paul Young is the main mystery for the seventh season of Desperate Housewives. Mark Moses will reprise the role in this year's finale and become a regular for next season.
- Brothers And Sisters will be time jumping, so expect Robert out of the picture (along with Ryan), Kevin and Scotty to be parents and Justin and Rebecca to be geographically seperated as well.
- The producers of Glee want Victoria Beckham on the show. Why?
- Irish viewers can catch the final season of The Tudors tonight at 10pm on TV3. BBC2 will air it later in the year.
- The future of One Tree Hill is left uncertain. Why not cancel it? Hasn't it ran long enough?
- Damages has been cancelled by FX. Damn.
- NBC have picked up three new shows - Love Bites, Outsourced and The Event.


Nat said...

Its annoys me too that Rachel is given so much to do. She was barely in the Home episode and it made for a refreshing change. Are you watching at US pace?

I'm a bit annoyed, it looks we'll be missing Kevin and Scotty becoming parents in B&S, would be nice to see.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Glee is airing a day later in Ireland after each US episode, which is handy. The episode is tonight's on E4 but they need to focus on the other characters and give them bigger numbers.

I'm still not sure how many years will pass for Brothers And Sisters when we get into Season 5 but I can imagine enough for a recast Paige and Cooper though.