Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 4x19: "Time After Time Part 2"

Written by Monica Owusa-Breen And Alison Schapker
Directed by Ken Olin

Kevin: “I’m gay and I needed you to know that.”
Aaron: “I know you’re gay. Why did you think I tried to kiss you?”

Because you could smell a future hot guy from a mile off? Nope, because like Kevin back then, Aaron was also grappling with his sexuality and more open to kissing the first guy he sensed that there might have been an attraction that was mutual. Unfortunately without meaning to, Kevin effectively altered Aaron’s life in the worst way possible.

There were two clichés that believably could’ve been taken when Kevin actually plucked up the courage to go and see Aaron. The first one would’ve been an embittered Aaron who would not be receptive to any attempts of an apology from Kevin and truthfully, I don’t think I could’ve blamed or resented that kind of Aaron.

But the writers went for the second option – the one who moved on. 25 years is a long time for anyone to hold a grudge and Aaron seemed like he might have had some obvious anger towards Kevin but had worked past it and managed to still build a life for himself. This was the Aaron that was presented to us here.

This was the Aaron who wondered why it took Kevin so long to seek him out and the Aaron that listened as Kevin apologised and admitted that he was gay. Aaron didn’t have to give Kevin any comfort or absolution (and I’m not sure if I would’ve myself if I had been Aaron’s position) but it didn’t stop from doing so. Aaron has moved on and pretty much suggested that Kevin did the same.

As a result, I can’t see Aaron popping up any time soon but Kevin didn’t entirely heed Aaron’s advice either. Sure, he managed to come home and even up to the Ojai ranch during a special occasion but his anger towards Nora and the betrayal he felt her withholding Aaron’s predicament all these years was not something he could let go of either.

I would’ve found it a cop out if Kevin had done. That doesn’t mean I want him and Nora at loggerheads for the rest of the season but I would like to see a natural progression for him to forgive her though. He knows that Nora was sorry for holding back on him and even acknowledged it towards the end of the episode, so it’s not like he isn’t open to forgiving her – he just can’t do it right away.

As scenes go, it was one that was realistically played out between Matthew Rhys and Sally Field without any unnecessary melodrama attached to it. And we still got some softer Kevin moments in this episode with Scotty comforting him and the flashback scene where his fourteen year old self confessed to Kitty that he was gay. If it hadn’t know that Kitty was the first person he ever told that to, I think any long term viewer would’ve guessed it quite easily.

When the episode wasn’t tackling Kevin’s very real dilemma, there was still the issue of Ojai and handing it over to Dennis York. Given that all the Walkers were now versed about Kevin and Aaron, was there any reason why Nora would hand it over to Dennis? Sure, Ojai’s been nothing but trouble for the last couple of years but why give it to someone like Dennis of all people?

Sarah and Tommy themselves pretty much went through the motions again of wanting to hand over the business to York at one point to wondering if they were making a mistake towards the end. If they have to get rid of Ojai, I’d hand over to Holly completely because even she is the lesser of evils when you count York into things.

Also this episode actually had Nora and Holly being the poor woman’s version of Thelma And Louise by trying to figure more and more about Narrow Lake. For a horrible second, I thought Nora would have to be forced into indulging Dennis’s leery advances but never was I grateful for Holly’s text interruption than I was with this episode. It’s amazing that it’s taken four years for Holly to actually be a relief instead of a hindrance.

Even when they stole Dennis’s car and hid out in the Ojai ranch, the two of them were effectively working together. I hate to admit it but this season really has changed Nora and Holly’s dynamic. You could argue that it’s similarly forced to the Kevin/Robert bromance but it feels a little tacked on for me. Or maybe I just have horrible double standards.

The jail stuff was amusing as well. A season ago, locking these two in a prison would’ve resulted in insults between the pair of them and I thought when Holly revealed herself as the leggy blonde that William flirted with all those years ago that Nora would flip her biscuits. Then again, given the crap that William did put her through, this was tame by comparison and Nora could be bothered to lose the plot over it.

As for the Narrow Lake thing, we really should’ve gotten Kevin in on this a few episodes. It didn’t take him long to deduce that it was an anagram for Nora Walker and that somewhere not far from Ojai, there was something that Dennis was seeking from William. More money? How many secret accounts does one man have?

In terms of the personal stuff of this episode, I knew that it was going to be revealed that Kitty would be cancer free, even if the scene during the Walker meal suggested that it would be the opposite. It’s clichéd but seeing as I actually don’t want Kitty to die on this show, it’s one that I can live with.

As for Justin and Rebecca getting married – this should be a reason why eloping should be more encouraged. Less drama, the day actually becomes about the two of you and minus Nora/Holly, you could also have a ranch to yourselves for some hanky-panky as well. That being said, did Justin actually buy back the ranch? Interesting move if he did considering it was sold to help with financial problems back in the first season.

Also in “Time After Time Part 2”

More4 in the UK didn’t air this two parter together but I watched this online as a whole before watching each part separating for reviewing purposes.

Sarah: “Your cancer’s not coming back, Kitty, I promise.”
Kitty: “You know what, Sarah, please don’t say that. You can’t promise me anything you don’t know anything. No-one can promise me anything and I hate it when people say that.”

It’s actually quite embarrassing that Luke Grimes’s name is still in the opening credits and Ryan has been missing for the last eight episodes. Also no Luc or David in this one either.

Scotty (re Aaron): “It’s not your fault.”
Kevin: “I ruined his life. He was just a kid.”

Aaron: “I’m not sure what you think this is gonna accomplish. You sure waited along time to stop by.”
Kevin: “Aaron, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what happened to you until last night.”

Did Scotty say that the blasts for Michelle didn’t work before Kevin stormed out of the house?

Nora (to Dennis): “The thing about William, he never wanted to openly hurt anyone. You on the other hand take pleasure in it. Did I ever wish I left William for you? No, not for a second.”

Robert (to Holly): “I know Nora is nutty enough to do something like this but you?”
Nora: “Hi Robert, this is nutty Nora.”
Robert: “Can I just have one conversation at a time?”

I think this is the first time that Robert and Holly have ever had any dialogue at all with each other.

Nora: “Take your time.”
Justin: “Thank you mom, that’s really so sweet. I hate them so much.”

Nora: “I’m glad you’re here.”
Kevin: “I’m here because of Justin and Rebecca.”

Standout music: Mainly score music for me in this episode. I think the first part had stronger music to be honest.

Nora: “Kevin, please talk to me.”
Kevin: “I don’t want to mom, not yet.”
Nora: “I love you.”
Kevin: “I know.”

Chronology: Directly takes place from where the first part left off.

“Time After Time Part 2” is a surprisingly much lighter than the previous part but it’s engaging nonetheless and hopefully it’s the start of a continuous tangent of strong episodes as this Narrow Lake plot will obviously dominate the last few episodes we have left this season.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


Nat said...

Apart from that one flashback, the two episodes didn't really link for me and tbh I feel they could've been done as completely separate episodes.
Also since this was was very light and more funny than anything the two together didn't totally work.

That said I enjoyed this episode. Holly and Nora together are pretty funny and I'm not surprised Nora didn't flip out about the leggy blonde bit; her anger is mostly directed to William now.

I think Justin just rented the Ojai house, but it did occur to me it was icky that they were honeymooning in the house where their parents carried out their affair. Their wedding stuff was sweet though as was the family dinner which was without a lot of drama thankfully.

I don't get why they want to sell Ojai to Dennis either now, he doesn't hold anything over them anymore. Selling it to Holly would be a good idea, except she has no money now to buy it.

I don't recall hearing Scotty saying the blasts didn't work only that they had to do them. I'm guessing we won't find out for a couple of episodes.

Kitty being free of cancer was a no brainer but a nice way to end the story.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I think I might have misheard the blast part given what happened in the episode after this.

Both episodes are stronger when watched together I guess. Only a few more left to go.