Friday, May 28, 2010

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 4x20: "If You Bake It He Will Come"

Written by Marjorie David And Cliff Olin
Directed by Bethany Rooney

Justin: “Sorry to ruin your birthday, Kevin.”
Kevin: “Nothing ruined. Best birthday ever.”

It’s amazing that in four seasons we’ve only had five episodes, including this one to feature a birthday. Kitty got them with “Patriarchy” and “Home Front”, Nora in “Something Ida This Way Comes” and Rebecca in “Separation Anxiety” and now it’s time for Kevin to also celebrate his brother neat typical Walker fashion.

Being at loggerheads with Nora gets the arguing part out of the equation as this manages to be a birthday that doesn’t have a public blowout unlike the other parties that I’ve previously highlighted but it doesn’t mean that it’s entirely an argument free zone either as Nora finds herself facing some harsh truths.

The episode has the nifty title of “If You Bake It, He Will Come” because Nora believes that holding a party for Kevin will still prop him into acknowledging her again and for once, I actually don’t hold that against. Granted I wasn’t exactly annoyed with everyone else relaying the message that Kevin wasn’t going to show up either.

However in terms of relaying the message, Sarah probably went at it a bit too harshly for my liking though. Yes, she wanted Nora to face up to the reality that Kevin was mad at her but she also projecting a lot of her own crap on Nora’s lap at the same time, so that kind of defeated the rant and made it too much about Sarah’s own headspace than her brother’s. Anyone think the same or is it just me?

Of course Nora didn’t take this too well but miraculously didn’t go into a hissy fit over it either. Okay, she did barricade herself upstairs for a bit but apart from that, she didn’t let Sarah’s rant crush her spirit and continued with the preparations for the actual party itself, even if it was sinking into her that Kevin might not show up for his own birthday bash.

As for Kevin, I was a little worried with the showdown that he was setting himself up for with Dennis York along with Justin and Tommy but that actually went pretty smoothly by comparison when you think about it. Dennis was being especially nasty towards him (which really confirmed what Nora said about him in the previous episode) and played on the fact that William thought he was weak.

Luckily, Kevin didn’t falter and even tried to negotiate a deal with York to learn more about Narrow Lake. Except the complicated bit from this whole meeting is that neither of them won really. Dennis knew they were up to their eyes with debt in Ojai and that Rebecca’s intervention was only a temporary fix and the Walker boys reminded the arrogant prat that he had nothing to use as leverage against them. Not exactly the most hopeful of results, eh?

Also much as I hate to admit it but I think Rebecca really is going to regret transferring two million dollars into Ojai once the company actually does go into ruin. There’s not even a hope of a silver lining this time, it actually does look like Ojai is about to become out of business once and for all.

Holly pretty much lost the plot when she realised what Rebecca had done with her inheritance and even accused Sarah of actually encouraging Rebecca to squander the cash. I was even surprised when it turned out that Sarah had nothing to do with Rebecca’s decision in this, given how much she was struggling to find money herself.

I know many fans don’t generally care about touching family scenes with Rebecca and Holly and I’ll admit that there’s a hit and miss rate to them as well but I did like some of their moments because at this point in this show, even I am beginning to accept them as a part of the Walkers right about now.

Holly’s practically arguing less with Sarah and Nora and she even seems to have managed to forgiven Tommy after his collective screw ups from last year and it’s not like her gloomy attitude towards Ojai’s future is overreacting either. I really don’t see a solution in time for the Walkers this time with Ojai, even if they do manage to crack open what Narrow Lake is specifically.

As for something a bit more interesting, that conversation between Nora and Kevin. Maybe it was much to assume that it would take longer for Kevin to forgive his mother but I loved the moment where Nora told him that she had always known he was gay. I know it might sound patronising in a way but I can actually buy that Nora would have that level of astuteness with her kids, so it’s believable and it made for a lovely scene between them.

And then there’s also the fact that Michelle is half-pregnant, which can only mean that parenthood will be imminent for both Kevin and Scotty. One of them is going to have snag employment soon but overall, it was nice for them to get some hope on that bit though like with Kitty getting the all clear the week before, this was kind of seen coming a mile off as well.

But one thing that was sort of jarring about this episode was the jokey but serious manner in which the characters lamented their misfortune during Kevin’s party. Saul’s getting no action at all that he’s wondering why he bothered coming out in the first place and Sarah’s moaning that Luc is being deported back again before he can come back to her.

If there’s a sore point to this episode, it’s the Sarah and Luc segment. Their relationship still needs a lot of work because I’m still not getting behind it. Luc’s still being touted shamelessly as the love of Sarah’s life and yet apart from his rugged looks; I’m not sure why I should care. And given that he’s coming back, I think Sarah can suck it up a little.

Also in “If You Bake It, He Will Come”

Kevin turned 39 in this episode, making him born in 1971 and also making him an Aries as well.

Scotty: “You’re 39.”
Kevin: “I know. I have a whole year to prepare for complete decrepitude.”

What the hell was Robert’s mysterious job that he didn’t manage to get? Thanks for the last episodes mentioning it but not telling us what it was, writers.

Holly: “I’m trying to protect my family.”
Tommy: “This is a family business and we’re all family now.”
Sarah: “Rebecca’s obviously got faith in this company. How come you don’t?”

Nora (re Kevin): “I love my son, no matter what he feels about me right now and as long as I live, he can count on me to do that – love him in anyway I can.”
Scotty: “God, I wish I had a mother like you.”

Justin shouldn’t be wearing a white coat just yet given that he’s still only a first year, though he did look good in it.

Tommy: “If these walls could talk.”
Dennis: “If they could talk, he would’ve followed me to prison. Tell me why we’re here.”

Kevin: “Guess I missed the party.”
Nora: “I understand. Do you want me to get the scotch or will that be enough?”
Kevin: “We’ll see how it goes.”

Standout music: Alexi Murdoch’s “It’s Only Fear” during Kevin and Nora’s kitchen conversation.

Kevin: “I didn’t know myself. Do you know why I hit Aaron that night? Because he tried to kiss me and I wanted to kiss him back and I was so scared of what I was feeling, I didn’t want anyone to know.”
Nora: “I knew. I always knew you were gay, I was waiting for you to find out.”

Chronology: I’m gonna assume around April 2010, given when this episode in question aired.

“If You Bake It, He Will Come” is a satisfying birthday episode for Kevin, though the past ones have been stronger but at least the dramatic stuff was earned and besides Sarah/Luc, this episode was incredibly fun to watch.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


Nat said...

Firstly, I just have to point out the most ridiculous line of probably the series, when Justin, soon to be doctor, asked Nora what the pregnancy stuff means?!? I mean really! Just lazy writing from where I'm standing.

The Kevin and Nora stuff was sweet and well done. I agree as well that Nora would have that level of astuteness about her children, a lot of mother's do, but it makes sense that she would. I also liked Nora's scenes with Scotty. Loved that he was the only one to tell her that Kevin wasn't going to come. They are a good pairing.

Holly and Rebecca were also sweet today, but Holly was a bit irritating when dealing with Rebecca's money. It's her money and Holly was trying to make it all about her in some ways.

Another character doing that was definitely Sarah. God she was annoying with her constantly moaning about Luc and referring to him as the love of her life. She's only known him a few months, she sounds like some love struck teen.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Luc's characterisation is a teething problem because the writers are forcing him as Mr Perfect for Sarah rather than letting their relationship flow more organically if that makes any sense. I need to catch up with the next episode but I'll do that after I've done the minisodes for True Blood first.