Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doctor Who - Christmas Spoilers/Proms Talk

It's been over two weeks ago since work on the Christmas special has begun and unlike last year when filming for Series 5 began, not much seems to have been revealed. Maybe security has gotten better this year perhaps.

Picture of Michael Gambon on set but I've seen nothing of Katherine Jenkins. Neither of their roles or the title of the episode have been disclosed but there are rumours that the special will go from Victorian era to 1980s, although how that happens will be interesting to see. Also there's a strong allusion that this episode will do it's own version of A Christmas Carol.

Matt Smith seems to be donning a new tweed jacket for the special but what else will be different about Eleven's costume this year? Much as some people might like to see the fez return, there's rumours that he'll get a long coat and a scarf for the winter months the show is being filmed. As for Series 6, both Amy and Rory are remaining as companions for the whole season, we'll learn about River and the Silence and Neil Gaiman is penning episode 3.

The Proms 2010 concert was on Saturday and was presented by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill with Matt Smith joining them later. However, he also went on stage as the Doctor and was bloody fantastic at it. Also in the audience was Steven Moffat and Peter Davison. I so can't wait to see this on screen.

Like the 2008 version of Proms, we had monsters on stage. This time around it was Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Saturnynians and Silurians to name a few and for those (like myself) who didn't get to see it, BBC3 are airing it soon.

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