Saturday, July 31, 2010

Torchwood - SFX Discusses Series 4

Everyone's favourite sci-fi magazine nowadays, SFX have done a cover for Torchwood with their latest issue and an interview with Russell T. Davies as well. Having read the interview, there's plenty for the new season that's intriguing me, even if the new setting is going to be all American. I know RTD said it would be international but the entire thing is being filmed in America and I have a feeling that London and Cardiff themselves will be barely seen at all.

In terms of the arc, it's supposed to be darker and something RTD planned a long time ago but after Children Of Earth, I was hoping for something closer to the first two seasons to be honest. Then there's also the new characters - CIA Agents Rex Matheson and Esther Katusi who seem like Owen and Toshiko all over again and new baddie, Oswald Jones, convicted murderer and paedophile, who do all have potential as newbies. Casting has yet to be announced but RTD did mention in his interview that he wanted familiar actors for the roles.

Filming for Series 4 begins in January 2011 with transmission expected during the summer.

SFX Interview:
Rex/Esther/Oswald Descriptions:

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