Friday, July 02, 2010

The Tree Is At Arms

Yeah, I've been getting into the last season of Big Brother for some reason. I mean, it's not like it used to be but it's an improvement on the last few years. I could do with less of Shabby and John James strops and the unrequited attractions between Sunshine/JJ, Shabby/Caoimhe and Mario/Ben are a bit depressing but I am beginning to like the tasks and Ben does seem to be unintentionally hilarious. For a guy who perceives himself as being so smart, he can be a little dense at times. How hard is it to organise an arm wrestling match? I did get a laugh out of the Tree Of Temptation calling him Brideshead at one point. Eerily timed as well, given the comments about Caoimhe and Ife were making about his sexuality. As for Dave's 'drunk on the Lord' spiel, has he ever considered going cold turkey? I suppose until he does, I should be grateful for the mute button.

Okay, so Spartacus: Blood And Sand has been airing for the past month on Bravo (who watches that station?) and last night, TV3 decided to air the first episode. I'll admit that it's actually better than I expected and that some of the sexual content/violence isn't any more shocking than Rome. I even love Andy Whitfield in the title role and any show with Lucy Lawless is worth watching alone. I'll be keeping more of an eye on this show as it progresses.

Ah, Grey's Anatomy, of course you'd do a miserable finale. Last year, you went and killed off George and left Izzie in dire states. This season, it's a madman shooting up the hospital and injuring/killing as many main characters as humanly possible. Both Alex and Derek got shot, Reeds was killed and Meredith had to miscarry. Really, Shonda Rimes? Meredith couldn't actually be happy for a few minutes. On the plus side, it does seem that Callie and Arizona seem to have made a compromise on the issue of children and Teddy's been less annoying in the last few episodes than she was at the beginning of her debut this season.

Sky 1 sure as hell do love their Terry Pratchett adaptations, don't they? The latest one, Going Postal aired over a month ago and it was actually a pretty good one as well. Richard Coyle made for a good Moist Van Lipwig and he was backed up with an able cast comprising of Claire Foy, David Suchet, Charles Dances and Steve Pemberton. It'll be interesting to see which other Pratchett story gets adapted next.

Southland - I've never heard such hype for a show that's been cancelled before. Also, why did More4 take so bloody long to air it? Anyways, I caught the first episode last night and I did like it. I even thought Benjamin McKenzie was convincing as the rookie cop of the piece and Michael Cudlitz's John Cooper is certainly a promising enough character as well. It's certainly got nothing on The Wire but it's got a grittiness that instantly makes it preferable to the slick and overpolished CSI franchise but given the show's fate, I don't know if I want to stick with it, get attached and then annoyed when I realise that there's no more to follow.

- Kevin Alejandro has promised that there will be some raunchy content between his character Jesus and Lafayette in True Blood.
- Lacey Turner and Robson Green will both be appearing in the third season of Being Human. Lacey will play a character called Lia who forms a bond with Mitchell and Robson will be playing a werewolf.
- Dexter's fourth season will air on FXUK from August 27th. Maria Doyle Kennedy and April Lee Henderson will be appearing in the series fifth season.
- Futurama have done a spoof of Susan Boyle in a recent episode.
- Russell Brand is the latest celebrity to be featured in an episode of The Simpsons.
- Sandra Oh will be appearing as Det Sarah Chen in Thorne: Scaredy Cat with David Morrissey for Sky1.
- Vanessa Williams character in Desperate Housewives is called Renee Filmore-Jones, a former work colleague of Lynette, who has a secret. Oh and Harriet Samson Harris will be reprising her role as Felicia Tillman for the new season.


Nat said...

I'm avoiding the Grey's Anatomy bit, because I;e only watched the first half of the finale, which was amazing. Really can;t wait for the second part.

I wanted to watch Spartacus but didn't manage to fit it in. I enjoyed Rome and I love ancient history in general, so I think I would enjoy this. Maybe later in the summer.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Enjoy the GA finale when you get a chance to see it. I don't think you have too long to wait though.