Sunday, July 18, 2010

Superpowered ASBOs

I've never really been big into My Family as a show. It's always been one of those series that's just been there. It's never awful but it's never awfully exciting and given the big deal made into the fact that the character of Michael Harper was going to come out to his family, the episode didn't do anything that extraordinary with it. Sure, they played on Ben's oversupportive stance and had Michael's partner's father take the homophobic but aside from that, nothing new. Still, maybe that's better than how EastEnders have been dealing with the Masoods over Syed in the last few months.

It's interesting to see how two weeks in the Big Brother house have changed things. The likes of Sunshine, Nathan and Ife all became evicted and temper tantrum maker Shabby stormed out of the show, not noticing that no-one really cared. Even Caoimhe (who surprisingly has become more bearable) has forgotten about Shabby. However the last two weeks have been a mixed blessing. Hats off to the producers for the delightful appearances from Titan during the man versus machine task and new housemates Andrew, Keeley and Rachel have fared well enough so far. The Come Dine With Me and Uber Cougar challenges were also funny to watch as well as that parrot spouting off quotes. On the flipside, Ben is still painfully pompous, Mario needs to keep his cock to himself (and to stop whining when put up for eviction), Dave's religious banter still annoys me and JJ continues to argue with everyone, even if he was right in both circumstances to read both Ife and Ben the riot act.

I hate not catching something first time round. I made the mistake of not watching Misfits during it's E4 transmission but aren't I glad that Channel 4 decided to air it on Saturdays? In ways, it's just Skins meets Heroes but damn, it's bloody funny. Five ASBO kids getting superpowers after a storm is a nice enough twist. I assume that smart-arse Nathan has them too, even if we haven't seen them yet. As for the rest of them - Curtis gets to mess with time, Kelly can hear people's thoughts, Simon gets to be invisible when seriously ignored and Alisha bring out the worst in people sexually when she touches them. If this was an American series, they'd be the added angst factor but here, yeah they're freaked out but you get the impression that each of them is going to have some fun with their powers. They need to avoid getting banged up for murdering their probation officer and the fact that there are other storm freaks out there does seem to a continuing strand in the series.

I've been watching more of Smallville and I'm actually liking it for the most part. The last few episodes seem to be cementing the uneasy alliance between Zod and Tess and can I say that Callum Blue is a welcomed addition to the series? I've always liked him in other series but he's really bringing a nice sense of menace to Zod without making him into a one-dimensional baddie. Also, the episode where twins Zan and Jayna tried to help out with the Blur/Clark's legacy was also a lot of fun. Well, certainly more fun than watching Lois doing therapy and talking about her sex dreams in regards to Clark.

- Sherlock Holmes will be airing Sundays 9pm on BBC1 from July 25th.
- The US version of Being Human will have Sam Witwer playing the role of Aidan (the Mitchell character) and Mark Pellegrino playing Bishop (the Herrick character). The roles for Sally (Annie) and Josh (George) have yet to be cast.
- Expect the death of a male character in True Blood soon. Also expect the arrival of Lara Pulver's fairy, Claudine in the seventh episode of the latest season.
- HBO have picked a drama from Dustin Hoffman called Luck. The drama will focus on horse owners, gamblers and jockey and sees Hoffman in a role of a man who's recently left prison.


Nat said...

I can't believe My Family is still on TV. It's the best example of how sometimes even British TV can drag their shows out for too long.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Yeah, perhaps the BBC should end that one now.