Monday, July 19, 2010

My Review of True Blood's 3x05: "Trouble"

Written by Nancy Oliver
Directed by Scott Winant

Eric: “You learn any tricks?”
Talbot: “Eric, you know as well as I there’s nothing new, except someone new.”

And isn’t that interesting little bit of information? When Talbot isn’t dishing out bitchy comments, he’s certainly doling out perceptiveness to Eric. I seriously did not expect that the sight of a Viking crown would ignite certain memories of Eric’s to resurface but I sure as hell should’ve done.

Russell’s not stupid and the second that Eric came to be in his captivity was the same one that meant he would be tested by Russell, just like Bill has been for the last three episodes. The only difference will be whether or not Eric can retain his cool. Talbot unlocked memories that really should set Eric like a time bomb.

Werewolves killing off Eric’s parents would’ve been a shocker if it hadn’t been implied in previous episodes that Eric had a personal grievance with werewolves in general. So, things just fall into place when viewing that flashback and having Russell be the one responsible for the death of Eric’s family was an interesting twist. Undoubtedly it will also play a major role in later episodes.

Eric coming/being brought to Russell couldn’t have come a moment sooner. Not only was Russell able to see through Eric’s initial facade but he almost seemed sympathetic when he realised that Pam’s life was endangered by the Magister. If vampires have given the Magister the power to be judge, jury and executioner then it makes perfect sense that they will also be the ones to strip him off his powers as well.

But back to Eric, now that he knows about Russell’s involvement in his parents death = how will he strike? He’s crafter than Bill but he’s also capable of losing it too and I got the impression that Talbot could easily pick up on his discomfort over seeing the crown instantly. I just hope that Eric has more of an advantage when going up against Russell than Bill does about now.

And that leads to Bill nicely. He was doing so well and for a tiny bit, he might have totally won Russell over but there were several drawbacks this week. The first one being that his research into the Stackhouse family tree at the behest of Sophie-Anne was exposed thanks to Franklin’s snooping and Bill certainly did a bad job of trying to bluff his way out of that one with Russell.

Then there was Sookie and her life being in danger yet again. Of course Cooter would take Bill aside and goad him about Sookie and Alcide and of course Bill would have to go and find them. As a viewer, I knew as soon as he did that, both Russell and his goons would come to snatch Sookie and the end of the episode didn’t disappoint in that respect.

Having Sookie pull the same telepathic/electrical stunt on Cooter that she did with Maryann back in “New World In My View” was impressive. Russell certainly seemed entertained by it and I’m hoping that within this season, there are some concrete answers behind Sookie’s developing abilities, preferably before Russell tries to use them for his own ends as well. I can’t see him killing off Sookie when she could prove to be useful for him, even if Lorena might happily do it.

As for Sookie, this episode was actually surprisingly light with her as well but when she did appear on screen, things were being progressed along. Alcide grudgingly found himself falling into line with her over talking to his pack master, Colonel Flood and it was through that conversation that showed an emphasis on how much influence Russell has over the werewolf community.

Then there was Debbie. She’s still an absolute bitch but until realising that Sookie was staying with Alcide, I got the impression that she was trying to help her ex-boyfriend in some weird way. I like the areas of grey that this show and Brit Morgan are doing with this character that it’s beginning to make me despair more for the book version of the character. I can’t see Debbie living long enough to redeeming herself but she’s certainly more interesting here than I expected her to be and that’s a plus.

Also interesting is Franklin’s history with women. I should’ve seen it really. Franklin fixates on a woman and if it goes wrong, then there are bodies as a direct result. Sadly for Tara, she’s become the very woman that he’s fixating on right now but on the plus side, being put in this rotten predicament is giving her a semblance of strength.

Don’t get me wrong, Tara still showed signs of fear from Franklin and she did try to make a break for it, even if Cooter did stop her but she’s also smart enough to try and keep Franklin on side to keep herself safe. I noticed that her facial expressions changed when she was slowly manipulating him. And if she’s smart to find a way of making sure that he doesn’t turn her into a vampire, then more power to Tara. I like seeing this clever side of her and I definitely hope that she does overpower Franklin’s grip on her soon, even if he is a fun addition to the series.

Speaking of overpowering, has Sam lost his fucking mind? I’m all for him giving Tommy some work at Merlotte’s and the two of them spending time with each other but he seriously needs to ditch Melinda and Joe Lee pretty soon. There’s always been tell tale signs that Joe Lee is rotten to the core but this episode proved it tonight. Why else would Tommy not want to be around his father?

I found it suspicious when Joe Lee lost the plot and both him and Sam nearly came to physical blows. Fair play to Sam for standing his ground with Joe Lee but I have a feeling that Tommy’s scars that we saw earlier in the series might have a lot to do with his no good parents. Any chance that Tommy’s being forced into fighting for his parents’ income? It certainly would explain some of Joe Lee’s comments come to think of it.

Also I’d like an explanation for Jesus waiting nine hours to spend time with Lafayette. I’m all for Lafayette getting a love interest, especially one as gorgeous as Jesus but the more I watched their scenes, the more I thought something was off. I’ve heard rumours that Jesus might not be all he seems to be and that does worry me.

I’m less worried about Jason and Crystal because while I know who/what the latter really is and can guess what will happen to the former as result of hanging around the mystery blonde, it’s the only plot that didn’t jump out as much to me. Granted, it was preferable to Sam’s parents but it’s a slighter weaker plot in this episode. That being said, I actually do like Crystal and despite Jason’s lack of efforts/blackmailing, I do think that he probably would be an interesting cop.

Also in “Trouble”

I found it a little odd that when it came to Sookie and Alcide that we didn’t get anything on the wolf bit from the club.

Tara: “What is going on here? What’s wrong with you?”
Lorena: “Yes, Bill. Your behaviour is somewhat erratic.”
Tara: “Help me.”
Bill: “No.”

I did feel bad that not one vampire in Russell’s home had any desire for Tara at all. Bill refused to help, Lorena saw her as undesirable, Russell barely acknowledged her and Talbot patronised her.

Bill (to Lorena): “You know, Russell’s right, you’re not very smart. You’ve painted yourself into a corner, you tiresome cow.”

Russell (re Bill/Eric): “A king in front of them, a queen behind them and they're talking about a human girl.”
Talbot: “Men.”

Arlene is still coming across as a bitch in this episode. Not only is she getting Terry’s hopes up but she can’t even manage to be civil towards Jessica. I don’t blame Jessica for glamouring the customers not to give Arlene tips.

Debbie: “I will fuck you up, I will cut you.”
Alcide: “Sookie, back off!”
Sookie: “Where is Bill Compton?”

Arlene (to Sam, re Terry): “I never thought it would happen again and again and again and that other time too, but especially now.”

Despite being mentioned several times, this episode was a Pam free zone. Hopefully we see her next and the Magister hasn’t killed her.

Sookie: “Work with me, Alcide, it gets easier.”

Flood: “I am saving us from extinction.”
Alcide: “Well, I’d rather be extinct than slave to a dead man.”

Alcide seems to have an inability to keep his shirt on for very long, doesn’t he? Also the growling thing is rather neat as well.

Jason: “Are you resisting me because if you are, please observe the official police vehicle I came out of?”
Crystal: “Where’s your badge? Where’s your gun? Where’s your shirt?”

Franklin: “You’re afraid of me? Of me? That’s insane!”
Tara: “But you tie me up.”
Franklin: “To keep you safe. Oh my God, what other reason could there be?”

There was some flirting going on between Jessica and Tommy in this episode. Also, it was a little silly of Hoyt to bring his date to the same place where his ex-girlfriend was working.

Jesus: “So we gonna play?”
Lafayette: “I’ll play and I’ll break.”

Jason: “Those things you can’t explain, I don’t care about them.”
Crystal: “That’s what you say now.”

Standout music: Honeycombs “Little Moon” and Jackie DeShannon’s “Trouble”.

Tara: “We need to talk.”
Franklin: “Don’t say that. Women say that, everything goes black and I wake up surrounded by body parts.”

Cooter: “I’m gonna get you.”
Sookie: “Maybe not”

Chronology: Little bit from where “9 Crimes” left off.

These episodes are getting busier and busier by the week. However to be fair towards “Trouble”, a lot of progress has actually been made in this one and it’s nice to see that Sookie and Russell are finally getting some screen time with each other. It’s definitely making me eager for the next fix.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


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