Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Wish Some People Would Stop Believing

Okay, losing two people in Big Brother sans eviction is pretty careless in the space of a week but there's always a bit of a bright side, isn't there? Except not really. Sure, I never really liked Caoimhe but she was getting more bearable without Shabby and Keeley at least won pointers for calling certain people out on things but it's still a little sad to see them both leave when we're still stuck with pompous Ben and religious nut Dave (WTF was up with that puritanical rant about Caoimhe in a wet shirt last weekend?). I'm not sure if adding more people was the right solution either, especially with the housemates choices. Other JJ's cute though I doubt Mario will get to get up and close with him and Laura and Jo just seem a bit meh to be honest. As for the Glee inspired task this week with Pineapple Dance Studios Andrew Stone (what, Louie Spencer too big to do the show?), can I sue for noise pollution because that version of Don't Stop Believing was horrible and that's being nice on the matter.

BBC3 are trundling through their Family Guy episodes and occassionally, I'll sit down and watch one. The one I ended up watching last time was Quagmire's war hero father coming out to his son that he was becoming a woman. As usual, it's largely played for laughs, mostly politically and Brian's reaction when he finds out that the mystery woman he slept with was formerly a man is far from great in one way but hilarious in another one. Also, who knew that Quagmire could really get mad that badly?

Catching up with the second and third episodes of Misfits first season and I can honestly that I am loving this show. I wish it wasn't airing on Saturdays but I'm glad that unlike Skins, Channel 4 are airing it in a 10pm slot. Nathan still doesn't seem to have powers but his sarky banter is providing some of the best moments in the episode and I felt bad for him when his liaison with Ruth resulted in her being revealed as way older than her years. The interpersonal dynamics are certainly interesting - Alisha's abuse of her powers, Curtis's attraction towards, Simon's increased isloation from the group and Kelly making peace with the girl she battered after said made her bald for a few days. I'm also liking the arc with Sally trying to find out who murdered her boyfriend, even though it's gonna be a long wait for that to bear fruit.

Smallville have been painting doomy futures for a bit of a while now, so why am I not surprised that an Earth ruled by Zod would be an unpleasant place? At least I don't have to feign shock that Tess would also be one of the few humans to willingly join up to his cause in order to save the planet. Yeah, Tess, you keep telling yourself that. The look into Lois's memories of a dystopian future certainly seems to have given Clark food for thought in regards to how to handle Zod but I'm not so sure that treating Zod like a friend is a good way of stopping him in his tracks. And you don't need to be Chloe to worry that once again that Clark is shutting people out to try and beat the bad guy.

- Joe Manganiello is being signed on as a regular for the fourth season of True Blood. Lara Pulver's Claudine is also appearing on the show soon and look out for the character of Holly.
- Kevin and Scotty's baby plans are being scrapped for Brothers And Sisters. They'll end up taking in a homeless kid instead.
- John Barrowman is rumoured to be appearing in the second season of Glee. New cast member, Charise also denied having a makeover for her role in the series.
- Indira Varma is joining up as new team leader Lisa for the next series of Human Target.
- Joss Whedon has blasted networks for not embracing serialised dramas.
- Emma Caulfield has landed a role on Life Unexpected. Why do ex-Whedon people keep signing onto shows I don't watch or want to watch?
- Weeds will not end after it's upcoming sixth season, according to executive producer, Victoria Morrow.
- Emily Bergl has been cast as Paul's wife, Beth for the seventh season of Desperate Housewives.
- The character of Cat Grant will be introduced into the tenth and final season of Smallville. John Schneider will also be reprising his role as Jonathan Kent in the new season.
- An upcoming episode of Family Guy will poke fun of Return Of The Jedi.


Nat said...

I'm not watching BB, but my mum does and I could hear some of their 'performance'. Awful and absolutely cringe worthy.

shawnlunn2002 said...

That performance serves as a reminder as to why the mute button is an important one on your remote control. I'm not a good singer either but even I sound better than half of them.

I think I'm watching BB to see how it ends and also because there's not much else to watch. Summer's always dry for TV.

Anonymous said...
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