Saturday, September 11, 2010

And The Ultimate Big Brother Housemate Is An Irishman

Never mind that's he gay or won BB2 but the fact than an Irishman is the Ultimate Big Brother housemate of the UK series has an interesting irony to it.

The four hours may have been overkill but overall, I thought this was a really good send off for the series. Ultimate Big Brother has had some pretty entertaining moments and while there's a part of me that a) wished it had been left for later instead of directly after BB11 and b) wished it had run for at least a month rather than 18 days, I think ultimately it was actually time for Big Brother to end. It's ran for 11 years and has become TV history, like it or loathe but nothing lasts forever and the show has had it's day.

It would've been remiss not to have included some acknowledgement to Jade Goody as well and the tribute to her was rather sweet as well.

Dermot's last meal wasn't as cringey as I'd thought it would be but I kinda wished that he had focused a little more on later seasons and while the Davina send off was a tad self-indulgent, it was pretty entertaining nonetheless, even though there weren't as many housemates as I expected and Sam and Aisleyne had a strange look to Pete Burns appearing at the end.

I wasn't remotely surprised when Davina cited Brian as her favourite and I did chuckle with the highlight she picked for him. Seriously that twirl as he stubbed his toe and spewed milk cracks me up all the time.

Stuart as fittest housemate, oh hell yeah. He wasn't the most exciting housemate in the show's history but he was definitely one of the nicest to look at for sure and from the limited stuff from BB9 I can remember, he was a nice enough bloke.

In terms of Brian winning it, it was predictable but fine. He is actually an ultimate housemate in every sense of the word and it was interesting to see Nikki and Chantelle in 2nd and 3rd places as well.

Bye bye Big Brother. It's been a mostly interesting 11 years but if Channel 5 don't pick you up, then it's been a good ending.


Nat said...

Haven't watched the show this year but tuned in for the finale, which I enjoyed. It was a good send off and a suitable way to end the show.

Let's hope channel 5 come to their senses and don't buy it as it just won't be the same.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I don't think Channel 5 should pick it up given that it really did feel like the end for it on Friday.