Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glee - FOX Gets Photo Fabulous (S2 Spoilers)

FOX are certainly amping up the promotional pictures for all their latest shows but there's only one series from them that has my undivided attention - Glee, naturally.

Matthew Morrison - Will annoys me from time to time and I certainly go without him rapping songs but I'm going to hope that the triangle between him, Emma and Carl (John Stamos) won't be entirely predictable and dull either and there's also Terri wreaking her own brand of havoc as well this year.

Jane Lynch - Sue is without a doubt the funniest character on TV nowadays but it seems that her and Will will team up together when a new coach manages to get Figgins to cut the budget for both Glee club and the Cheerios. Now that's one team up that could be entertaining, amidst Sue's teasing of Will and his stupid hair. Plus Rachel manages to drive foreign exchange student, Sunshine to Vocal Adrenaline as well.

Kevin McHale - looking a lot better than the uncool look he usually has to don for playing Artie. Another triangle for the second season does seem to involve Artie, Tina and Mike Chang, which might be a better watch if there's music involved. Maybe a three-way, song wise? Still relationship wise, there's Rachel/Finn, Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blair(?) and I don't doubt that Puck and Mercedes will be on the shelf either.

Dianna Agron - Quinn might be heading back to her bitchy ways such as scrapping with Santana in a bid to get into the Cheerios (something which Finn will be doing as well when he's kicked off the football team - no, I'm not kidding) but as long as she's not a bitch to Mercedes, she can trample everyone else if she pleases. More importantly, I am seriously looking forward to The Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. I intend to watch that musical before seeing the Glee take on it. The second season premieres on FOX on Tuesday and Irish viewers will see it the very next day. I plan to do a DVD review for the first season before then.

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