Thursday, September 30, 2010

BBC Winter Lineup - My Highlights

By tomorrow, it will be October and the BBC have finally shown us their winter lineup. There are a lot of interesting shows that I'll talk about more over the next few days but here are the four that I really want to see the most and yes, I'm a walking cliche

Accused: Christopher Eccleston was fantastic a couple of months ago as John Lennon in Lennon Naked and now he's back in this six part drama. Christopher appears in the first episode, playing a drug dealer awaiting to hear his fate in the dock. Later episodes will feature Mackenzie Crook, Peter Capaldi as well as Marc Warren, Juliet Stevenson and Andy Serkis. A date has yet to be confirmed.

Single Father: Expect the explosion of fangirls in the next few weeks because David Tennant is finally back on UK television in this four part series from Mick Ford. Tennant plays a photographer named Dave, whose life is turned upside down following the death of his wife in a road accident as he raises their four children and falls for his wife's friend, Sarah (Suranne Jones). Normally it wouldn't be my thing but I'll give it a go and it starts on October 10th 9pm for four Sundays on BBC1.

Christopher And His Kind: I'd be lying if I didn't say I was looking forward to this one. Matt Smith playing a gay writer - Christopher Isherwood certainly appeals to me the most of these other projects from actors who've played/currently play the Doctor and hopefully there'll be some pretty good guy on guy stuff to boot. BBC2 will be airing this one in late October.

Doctor Who - Christmas 2010 Special: I love that the Moff man isn't overly big on spoilers but I wish we would get an episode title for this one already. Both Michael Gambom and Katherine Jenkins look great and the clips in the BBC trailer seem to back up the fact that this special will be a take on A Christmas Carol. And there better be plenty of Amy and Rory as well as the Doctor playing Christmas ghosts.


Nat said...

I really can't see any connection between these 4 shows ... ;)

shawnlunn2002 said...

The connection is that three of the shows have actors who have played/currently play the Doctor and the other one is the DW Christmas special. It's just the trailer has clips of Christopher, David and Matt alongside each other and it's an interesting as a DW fan.