Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bunch Of Slackers

I've had to make a hasty edit to this blog because I foolishly forgot to talk about The Road To Coronation Street. Apart from the fact that this should've been on ITV instead of BBC4, this was powerhouse television as Daran Little broke down into 75 minutes, creator Tony Warren's struggle to get the longest running British soap on television. If you've got any interest in the series history or want to be a writer in general, then I strongly recommend seeking this excellent one-off, especially for Jessie Wallace's convincing turn as Elsie Tanner actress, Pat Phoenix.

It took me a few days to catch up with the second part of Merlin's two parter season premiere and while it wasn't as good as the first half, it certainly was a delight. The use of the dragon in this episode was a nice one but it was Merlin and Morgana's sparring that really set the episode apart. Even though I'm liking the fact that she's finally embracing her darker nature, I thought I could see some doubt shrouding Morgana as well. Also I got a sense that Morgause might have felt betrayed when her plans to get rid of Uther and take over Camelot were squandered as well. The second episode was certainly solid on action packed moments and Morgana keeping within Uther's favour but the Merlin/Arthur dynamic really needs to switch gears at this point.

When it comes to reality TV, The Apprentice might be one of the few left with a point to it - people actually get a job from it and while I'll have to wait next for Alan Sugar to return on BBC, the third series of Bill Cullen's one certainly kept me entertained. As for the contestants, it's hard to go on much with the first episode, apart from Cathal's 'oopsy daisying' himself out of the series and Tara and Barry being the more obnoxious of the bunch. The magazine shows You're Fired and At Home are also a pretty nice addition to a franchise that's becoming a success for TV3.

BBC3 seem to have a habit of comedies that only take place in largely one set. Their latest addition, Him And Her is another one of them. Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani play lazy couple, Steve and Becky who spend the first three episodes coming up with plenty of reasons not to work, avoid birthday celebrations and fancy dress parties. It's not the funniest series on TV but it's definitely a diverting half-hour and I have seen far less funny programmes on that particular station.

The X Factor's move to two nights a week for the rest of the year certainly is going to be an obstacle for a lot of programmes in the next couple of months but seeing as we're heading for boot camp, things shouls get a lot more interesting in the next while as well. Nicole Scherzinger was a decent enough judge ("I think you need to work on your vocals" - indeed) and whether or not there is a prostitute amongst the contestants, you can still guarantee that the Dark Lord Cowell is laughing his way all to the bank as the tabloids obsession with the series remains intact.

I have not seen one but two new episodes (for me) of The Vampire Diaries recently and I'm still enjoying the series. It's a pity that Vicki couldn't have had a similar plotline like Jessica in True Blood and remain on the series as a newbie vampire but I'm sure the series will eventually go there. As for Stefan's old friend Lexie and Bonnie's increasingly showing of powers - this is way more exciting stuff than the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle.

- Teri Hatcher will be appearing in Smallville as the mother of Lois Lane. Well, she did play the intrepid reporter once upon a time. Justin Hartley's wife will also appear in the 8th episode of the final season.
- Dave Annable's real life fiance, Odette Yustman will appear in Brothers And Sisters as a potential love interest for Justin after his marriage to Rebecca collapses.
- Nancy Travis has been cast as the mother Brian Austin Green's character for Desperate Housewives. It's also rumoured that Bree will have menopause this year.
- The current series of The Inbetweeners is to be it's last. The producers have announced that the show will not be returning for a fourth run.
- Gwyneth Paltrow is rumoured to be appearing in two episodes of Glee as a love interest for Will and a replacement teacher. Channel 4 will be airing Season 2 in January 2011.
- Amber Benson will be appearing in the new series of Grey's Anatomy, playing an estranged daughter of one of Cristina's patients. She's already appeared in spin-off series, Private Practice.
- ABC have decided not to make a US version of Gavin And Stacey after all. Now if Showtime's version of Shameless could not suck, then we'd be home dry.


Nat said...

It's nice to see Terri Hatcher returning to her roots and going back to the Superman franchise- good of ABC to let her do so also. As a big fan of her Superman series I can't wait to see her episode.

shawnlunn2002 said...

It's awesome. I was always surprised that she never appeared on Smallville before Desperate Housewives but it's nice that she's getting a chance on the series.