Friday, September 03, 2010

The Gays Of UK Soaps

Every now and then I'm gonna take a look into LGBT characters on UK soaps as well as other storylines in them. I'd include Hollyoaks but I haven't seen anything in recent weeks. Next LGBT blog I'll do it though.

Coronation Street - Sophie/Sian: I'm still not entirely sold onto these two just yet. I did like last night's episode where Kevin and Rosie both supported Sophie and Sally came to her senses, even if Sophie/Sian decided to leg it. I think my misgiving with this storyline is that while I believe that Sophie is gay, I just don't believe that Sian is and I don't think the chemistry is that great between the two of them. Then again, it's taken nearly 50 years for a lesbian character to appear on this show and I'm glad it's an established character than some random newbie.

Coronation Street - James: I think Ken Barlow really does have a kid in every port. This Sunday sees the introduction of long lost son, Lawrence and gay grandson, James (played by William Roache's real life sons, Linus and James). It seems that Lawrence has issues with his son's sexuality and Ken is more than happy to play mediator. James is rather a good looking guy, so here's hoping he does stick around for a bit.

Coronation Street - Sean: It's been six years and a few boyfriends and a child later that he's recently been in contact with, what else can be done with Sean? Anthony Cotton's probably a nice guy but I find him to be one of the weakest actors on the show and too often, Sean is rarely given anything too interesting to do. Maybe it's time for the writers to rethink the character.

EastEnders - Christian/Syed: One of the more mixed storylines of the year. We've seen Christian cruelly outing Syed, costing the latter his family when he couldn't fight his feelings any longer and now they're seemingly a happy couple. Except they live in Walford and misery is a rather dominant thing in that place. I spent a lot of time disliking this storyline for all sorts of reasons but if they're still together by this time next year, then the show would have made some real progress with the characters and gay couples on soaps.

Emmerdale - Aaron/Jackson: The most talked about gay storyline in a soap this year and maybe the best. Except that for the most part, I still don't actually like Aaron as a character. Danny Miller is a good actor but Aaron's often surly manner doesn't always make him a watchable character. Jackson on the other hand, is definitely the better of the bunch and while Aaron/Jackson haven't been that tactile (we've the likes of Paul/Ivan or Paul/Johnny more handsy with each other in previous years), it's still one of the strongest couplings on the series, though there's not many bad ones to be honest in soap's most unlucky village.

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