Friday, September 10, 2010

Doctor Who - Series 5 DVD Details/Series 6 Filming

Filming for Series 6 properly kicked off this week and while it's been established that Richard Clark is currently directing for the third episode by Neil Gaiman and the fourth episode by Mark Gatiss, the set reports haven't been too big. Brian Damage got some nice shots of Matt Smith in between takes and with any luck, some more will emerge within the next week for this particular block.

More Pictures:

Elsewhere the lenticolour cover for the fifth series DVD has come out and with the DVD due for November 8th, you can relive all the highs of Steven Moffat's first year of running Doctor Who. Extras include in-vision commentaries for The Eleventh Hour, Victory Of The Daleks, The Time Of Angels, The Vampires Of Venice, Cold Blood and The Big Bang, trailers, Matt Smith's video diaries, The Monster Files, deleted scenes and two exclusive scenes between the Doctor and Amy made for this DVD amongst others.

I'll have a review up for the 2010 Proms tomorrow as well.


Guada GN said...

Yay, sixth season, can´t wait. I´m pretty excited about the Neil Gaiman ep. Hopefully it´ll live up to all the buzz. And the Mark Gattis one too, I really like his writings...

shawnlunn2002 said...

Me too, those episodes could be absolute gems and Series 6 is sounding rather explosive from the small bits about it that we know.