Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Brief Catchup

I will get up to speed on more UK television later in the week but for now, here's a brief rundown on three programmes from last week.

Lip Service - Interesting third episode. I don't know whether I should love or loathe Sadie as a character. While I don't care about her stealing Becky's necklace (sorry, I find Becky annoying), I didn't like that she exposed Lou's affair with Tom, even after said affair destroyed her relationship with Tess. I think both Tess and Frankie need to watch out for her. As for Jay and Hayley doing ketamine - there's a lesson to be learned there. Frankie's ongoing research is a lot better than most her scenes with Cat, which rightfully got a firm reality check at the hands of Sam this week. At the halfway point of this series, I definitely do find myself enjoying it more and more.

Single Father - I have to ask, was there really any doubt that Dave would have fathered the rest of Rita's kids and similarly was there any doubt that Lucy in the end would choose Dave over her own biological father? No on both accounts but as a final instalment to the mini-series, it was a satisfying ending to everything. Okay, I could've done without Sarah revealing that she had planned to get pregnant when she slept with Dave but overall, this was a good ending to an enjoyable if not wholly original series.

Thorne: Scaredycat: Okay, the first instalment to this new series and it's not the best. I'm still enjoying the series overall and David Morrissey is the best actor for the role of Thorne but I found Sandra Oh deeply annoying as Sarah Chen and as for the murders of some prostitutes, well, it's not as gripping as the first killer we encountered, is it? Still, the next two episodes could change everything. One thing I did like was Thorne looking after the young lad whose mother died and both Thorne and Phil dealing with the consequences of nearly being exposed for Frank's murder. Tughan still might catch them out though.

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