Sunday, November 28, 2010

The X Factor - Final Five

After weeks of much complaints, fans have finally seen that Katie Waissel and Wagner have now gone from The X Factor. Which leaves us with a much predicted final five ...

Rebecca Ferguson - She's the only one in the competition that I would like to see win the thing and she's been the most consistent throughout the whole show as well. If she doesn't win, then I hope she's at least in the final three next week.

Matt Cardle - He's a likeable enough guy and certainly seems to be appealing to the female viewers, so I'm not surprised that he's in the semi-finals. I can also see him or One Direction actually winning this as well.

Mary Byrne - It's amazing to see how far she's come in this (and my sisters are big fans of her) but I'll be surprised if she's in the final three next week. She's definitely talented and more likeable than other but I don't see her winning it, though it would be interesting if she did, wouldn't it?

Cher Lloyd - I liked her at the start but over the last few weeks, I've been a little put off with her as well. If she does win this, then she's really going to have up her game in order to last as a singer because she's definitely not done much out of her comfort zone to be honest.

One Direction - The last thing the world needs is another boyband, so for that reason alone, I'd rather they didn't win but if Matt or Rebecca don't bag the prize, they certainly will. That I can be sure of.

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