Tuesday, November 16, 2010

True Blood - Season 4 Wishlist

Season 4 might be seven months away but here are a few things I'd like to see for the upcoming season. - We need a time jump. Let the first episode quickly resolve the Sam/Tommy and Bill/Sophie-Anne cliffhangers before jumping a couple of months - especially when Sookie returns from fairy world.
- Keep the focus on good fairies with a bad ones in the mix but more as a set up for Season 5. I want better development for Claudine as well.
- Flashbacks giving us Eric and Pam's history. Also for Pam to do more in Season 4 as well.
- Jessica and Hoyt to be happy but involved in the big bad storyline in some way. Same with Tara and Sam.
- More stuff from Hadley and Hunter but involving Jason as well as Sookie. Oh and involve Jason with the fairy plot as well, seeing as it should concern him to a degree.
- Maybe some stirring that the shapeshifters are next to come out to the public. Also plenty of Claudine in Bon Temps, being a positive influence on Sookie.

- Hallow/Marnie to totally kick ass and wreck havoc as a baddie. Oh and a team up with her and Russell in the latter half could be fun.
- Eric to get the amnesia plot but maybe towards the latter of the season and have the same change in relationship with Sookie as he did in the book.
- However I wouldn't mind some Sookie/Alcide stuff as well as Debbie returning to cause problems.
- If we have to lose a major vampire, I'm opting for Sophie-Anne, but only after her and Sookie finally interact.
- I would prefer no reunion between Sookie/Bill and for Bill to largely interact with other characters as well as consequences for his attempts of trying to kill Eric, Pam and Sophie-Anne.
- More insight into Arlene and Terry and Holly too, who I think will be roped into Hallow's plot.
- Better writing for the whole Crystal/Hotshot storyline as well as maybe Jason becoming a panther.
- For Sookie to actually work in Merlottes for most of the season as well as having her spend more time with Jason, Sam and Tara. And for more of Lafayette and Jesus too.

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