Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Review of Dexter's 4x12: "The Getaway"

Written by Wendy West And Melissa Rosenberg And Scott Reynolds
Directed by Steve Shill

Trinity: “Do you think you’re better than I am?”
Dexter: “No, but I want to be.”

And in some ways, it can be argued that Dexter is better than Trinity. For instance, at least all of Dexter’s victims (bar Jonathan Farrow) deserve their bloody fates and at least Dexter hasn’t spent the last few years subjecting his family to fear. Those things at least give him some kind of an edge over the Trinity killer.

After 12 episodes, it was always going to be tough wrapping this storyline in a manner than would satisfy but this episode certainly went out on a limb to mostly resolve everything as best it could. First of all, though the confrontation between Dexter and Trinity in the police station.

It’s amazing how tense that scene managed, especially with everyone else being so obliviousness as to what was going on between the two of them. That being said, I’m glad Dexter realised that it was time for Trinity to be put down but it’s only a pity that it didn’t go to plan once again.

Knocking Trinity was smart and taking his cash to stop him from escaping was also smart but getting into a fight with another cop was downright stupid and I knew that as soon as Dexter got himself arrested that Trinity would have the opportunity to pay him back in kind. There was no way that Trinity wasn’t going to do something awful to Dexter before this episode ended.

And that’s where killing Rita came into it. For once, I am beyond glad that as a viewer I didn’t have to see Trinity’s bathtub murder of Rita on screen but there was certainly a horrible pattern emerged when Dexter picked up Harrison next to Rita’s body in the same way that he had been with his own mother as a child.

It’s also a shame that Rita had to die as well because even though it was inevitable that Trinity would go after her, a part of me assumed that he wouldn’t actually succeed. I also found it extremely interesting that while he was being prepped for his own death, that Trinity didn’t bother to mention to Dexter that he had killed Rita.

Then again, Trinity did make a big song and dance about taking no pleasure in the people that he’s been killing for the last thirty years. I guess it was supposed to counter Dexter’s obvious exhilaration towards his own murders but the fact that he killed Rita certainly made sure that viewers wouldn’t be forgetting him anytime soon – as if we would anyways.

I really enjoyed the scenes between Dexter and Rita prior to the latter’s death as well in this episode. They had finally seemed to be properly communicating as a couple and the Rita that I liked when the show first debuted was there instead of the overly insecure nagging one that we’ve had for too long.

Dexter might not have collapsed into a flood of tears upon seeing Rita’s body but it’s definitely certain that this is going to have a major effect on him. It’s also a kick in the nuts and further proof that Harry might be right all along about Dexter being unable to have a family and a dark passenger at the same time without something having to give.

It’s also probably not the best time either for Dexter to have found out that Deb was aware of Laura Moser and Brian being the Ice Truck Killer. To be fair, I thought Deb actually handled it pretty well but I can see this reveal (especially with Quinn’s growing hatred in the mix) becoming something of a problem for Dexter as well.

As for Arthur Mitchell, he might have been a dead man in this episode but Deb and company were able to peg him down as Trinity after they discovered the true extent of his kill cycle and if that can be done, who’s to say that they won’t learn that it wasn’t Arthur who framed Stan Beaudry as Trinity as well or even the fact that Dexter was at the Mitchell’s house quicker than anyone else?

Also in “The Getaway”

Some of the reprise bits included clips from the first season in order to remind viewers about the Ice Truck Killer saga.

Dexter: “You do not want to question my loyalty to my family, Quinn, not today.”
Quinn: “Do your fucking job.”

When Quinn wasn’t being a prick to Dexter, he also refused to engage in anything to do with Christine’s suicide.

Cop: “Buddy, we’re taking you in.”
Dexter (to himself): “So much for diplomacy.”

Dexter: “My dark passenger has done this to me. It’s ruining my life.”
Harry: “It is your life.”
Dexter: “I don’t want it to be.”

Maria and Angel discussed moving into together but apart from Dexter and Matthews, no-one else seems to know they’re married.

Deb (re Laura Moser): “Well, I know now. What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”
Matthews: “Keep it to yourself.”

Rita (to Dexter): “I know you better than you know yourself. You can conquer whatever darkness is in you. I know you can.”

The title of the episode reference the fact that Dexter and Rita were going to go on their honeymoon to the Keys with Harrison during the episode.

Harry: “This is your future, Dexter. We both know it’s inevitable.”
Dexter: “No, Arthur abandoned his family. I won’t abandon mine.”

Deb: “You’ve been the one constant, the one constant good thing in my life.”
Dexter (to himself): “I’ve been good for her and Rita says I’m good for her and the kids. No-one would ever say that about Arthur. Maybe Harry’s wrong. Maybe things can turn out differently for me.”

It’s amazing that in the space of four seasons, we’ve only lost two regular characters and that both were killed by the season baddie – Doakes by Lila, Rita by Trinity. Trinity himself was killed by a framing hammer.

Dexter: “Guess you were expecting a different scenario.”
Trinity: “I was following my path.”
Dexter: “So was I.”
Trinity: “God lead you to me.”
Dexter: “Hardly.”

Chronology: December 2009 for this finale.

“The Getaway” is certainly one hell of a way to end this season. I’ve loved the fourth year arguably more than ever but I even I was bowled over by this episode. Rita’s death certainly packed a punch and with Trinity gone, the writers are going to have one hell of a time coming up with an equally compelling adversary for Dexter next season.

Rating: 10 out of 10.


Nat said...

Good review.

I somewhat enjoyed the finale. I knew what was coming in regards to Rita so it wasn't shocking for me and honestly I kept waiting for it to happen.

The Dexter/Rita stuff was very sweet though and I did like that Debs finally found out about Dexter's past but didn't quite put it all together.

I'm not sure if I'll keep going with the show tbh. This season hasn't been that enjoyable for me, the first few episodes really dragged on and I found my interest wandering.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Interesting comments there, Nat. I've enjoyed Season 4 but I'm gonna wait a while before I watch Season 5 myself.

Deb was great as per usual. Maybe she will deduce what Dexter really gets up to before Quinn.