Thursday, November 25, 2010


And here's a catch up on some of the stuff I've been watching over the last few days ...

Glee - The last two episodes have certainly been interesting. The first one with Gwyneth Paltrow's Holly Holliday was a lot of fun and to be honest, auto-tuned or not, I did enjoy the mash-up of Umbrella/Singing In The Rain as well as Sue's pretty ruthless attempts of becoming principal, only to jack it in protest of Kurt being victimised by Karofsky in the next episode. It's nice that in the midst of Burt and Carole's wedding that the Glee club, Will and Sue finally stepped in trying to deal with Karofsky, even it backfired somehow. As for Sue's own wedding - um, weird but I did like seeing her mother and while it's nice to see more of Blaine and have Kurt transferred to Dalton, I only hope that Mercedes is due a storyline soon because protesting about tator tots is not good enough to be honest.
Merlin - I love this show, I honestly do and while I loved this episode, this show really needs to step up a gear. Tournaments aren't that exciting anymore and apart from the fact that Gilli wasn't a baddie and made some perceptive comments to Merlin about concealing his magic, this wasn't an episode that progressed much to be honest. Still though, the finale starts this weekend and that does look genuinely exciting.

Misfits - A fantastic second episode. I wasn't exactly in love with the idea of Nathan getting a brother out of nowhere but it certainly worked in helping him and his father overcome some of their own issues when said brother also died as well. It's also interesting that the influence of drugs has some pretty bad effects on the gang's powers as well but along with the ninja guy and mystery girl, Nikki, this show is definitely building up some interesting arcs this year. Oh and excellent choice in music at the start of this episode too.

The Vampire Diaries - One has to feel a little for Pearl. She's all about trying to start over in Mystic Falls and when she isn't having to deal with Anna's interest in Jeremy, she's got rebellious minions torturing the crap out of Stefan for fun as well. I suppose being emtombed for 145 years will do that to you though. On a serious note, these last two episodes have been good but not as good as previous ones, even if I do like Alaric being utilised into Stefan's rescue this week.

Desperate Housewives - Another two episodes which were interesting to varying degrees. Gabby's obsession with Grace is naturally causing problems with Carlos and Juanita but there were some amusing moments when Carlos and Bob hung out more and the latter reunited with Lee. Lynette and Tom's story with the latter's mum was far more affecting than Susan having to become babysitter after Paul made sure she was fired and I'm not sure if the casting was right for Keith's parents but I do like that him and Bree deepened a little more before going their seperate ways. Renee's still not working for me and Beth is only slightly more interesting than when she started. I knew she was a plant.

- Jessica Tuck has been promoted to series regular for Season 4 of True Blood. Janina Gavankar will play shapeshifter/school teacher Luna while Alexandria Breckinridge will play witch Daisy and Vedette Lim will play cage fighter Naomi.
- Grey's Anatomy are planning a musical episode in the second half of the seventh season.
- Calista Flockhart will not appear in the series 100th episode of Brothers And Sisters. Damn.
- Lucas Grabeel will be reprising his role as a teenage Lex Luthor in an upcoming episode of Smallville.
- Being Human US starts on Syfy from January 17th at 9pm. I'll be doing more spoiler blogs on it in the next month.
- The cast of Glee will appear at the semi-final of The X Factor next month. The series will also return in February after the last two episodes air in December.
- Teri Hatcher has denied reports that she's set to leave Desperate Housewives. Rumours did surface that she was due to quit her role in the series.


Nat said...

I was pretty shocked to read that Calista won't be in the 100th episode of B&S, pretty sad really as it's the type of show that is likely to do a good 100th episode. A real shame.

Teri Hatcher denied her leaving rumours a little too vehemently- so I'm pretty sure it's true, though she might be on DH for a little while yet. Quite frankly I wouldn't miss her.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I was shocked to read that as well and I keep hoping it's not true and that Kitty factors somehow because it's too important an episode for her to miss.

I honestly think that Desperate Housewives really should be at the stages of coming to an end. Season 7 isn't awful but it's beginning to become a bit more obvious that there's not much else the show can really do nowadays.

Armin said...

Fantastic second episode for skins, blew my mind (SPOILER ALERT) when he found out his brother was actually dead. I had a feeling he couldn't have survived that but I guess they didn't show the girls ghost to keep u wondering.

Though I think glee could have been a bit better. I dunno just something about Karofsky being portrayed as a big jerk causing Kurt to switch schools doesn't feel right. I know it's not supposed to feel right but the feeling of not feeling right does not feel right...should that make any sense whatsoever.