Thursday, November 04, 2010

We're Off To See The Fisher King

Another UK TV based blog. I'll do another US one next Thursday after I've finished Dexter off and seen the first episode of The Walking Dead.

Lip Service - Terrific fourth episode. Okay, I might not find Frankie the most likeable of people but she certainly keeps things interesting to a degree. Not only did she nearly get arrested for trashing a house with Sadie and sleeping with Jay at the end of the episode but her search for her past is starting to cause problems for Sam and Cat as well. Speaking of them, I cringed a little when Sam had to meet her girlfriend's parents. I think I could go a healthy stretch without seeing Cat's mother to be honest. As for Tess, the internet being a disaster storyline was cliched but amusing enough. I still think in spite of Lou's douchey behaviour that she'll end up going back to Tess. Dating Tom the prick can't be doing her the world of good and Lou is preferable to Ed getting with Tess. I like him but I'd rather that him and Tess didn't get it on if that's possible.

Merlin - Eight episodes in and this season still feels like it's on the slow path. This week did try to make some progress with Arthur going on a mission for an artefact whilst unaware of the fact that it was actually Merlin's destiny to meet the dying Fisher King (look, it's Kemp from Being Human) and get some water from Avalon while Gwaine did some monster slaying. Another plus to this episode was Warwick Davis's cameo appearance and the fact that Gwen became privy to Morgana's evil ways and confided in Gaius about it. Overall, an enjoyable episode though Morgause was wasted to a cameo this week.

The X Factor - It was Halloween during the weekend, so there was perfect excuse to use it as a theme for the show on Saturday. Well, it would've been perfect if more than a handful of contestants actually had songs/costumes that adhered to the theme. If I never hear Wagner's take on Bat Out Of Hell or Aiden's odd version of Thriller, it won't be too soon. Cheer up, Aiden. In terms of songs, I actually thought that Cher's version of Stay With Me worked the best, even if Simon's comments about the similarities between Cher and Cheryl are about two months too late. Oh and Belle Amie left but that wasn't much of a surprise.

The Apprentice - UK/Irish Versions: I have to admit that between the two of them, I'm actually preferring the Irish version a little more this year. The UK version has had some good moments in the last weeks and I was glad to see both Melissa and Paloma get the boot in the last two weeks but the Irish one is making me laugh. Especially with Panos being gloriously out of his depth and the figure of fun with a bad game during a task for Cadburys in a local village. Oh, and kudos to Michelle being project manager given that her dictator style actually meant that people get things right and given that she was on the team that lost out to an 11 month calender last week, it was nice that she was able to get a victory. I wasn't too bothered to see Sarah and Nagaite go though I'm hoping that Jamie is next.

- Nina Dobrev has revealed that more will be revealed about Katherine's colourful past in an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries.
- Kevin and Scotty will be taking in a young girl named Olivia in Brothers And Sisters.
- Gwyneth Paltrow's character on Glee will be called Holly Holiday. Burt and Carol will also be getting married in an upcoming episode as well as Kurt possibly transferring/spying on another school.
- HBO have ordered a pilot from Steve Coogan and Justin Theroux.
- Eliza Dushku will be playing an FBI agent in The Big Bang Theory, whose job is put in danger by Sheldon.
- True Blood's fourth season will finally introduce Andy's sister, Portia as well as cage-fighter Naomi, z-list palm reader, Marnie (who gets posessed by a witch's spirit - Hallow?), fairy Queen Mab and Suzanne McKittrick, who's a shapeshifter. Casting for these roles has yet to be confirmed.

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