Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being Human - Season 4 Casting News

And though we have a bit to wait, here's some casting bits for the upcoming fourth series of Being Human ...

Andrew Gower has been cast in the leading role of a vampire called Cutler. The actor who's appeared in Frankenstein's Wedding with Lacey Turner and Monroe for ITV is slated to be a regular for the upcoming series, though whether or not his character will be an ally or a threat to George, Nina and Annie has yet to be confirmed.

Cutler won't be the only vampire featuring in the new series as Craig Roberts will be reprising his role as Adam from last season's Adam's Family for at least one episode. Creator Toby Whithouse has also promised that the upcoming season will feature some new faces, an old face, more supernatural threats a journey to somewhere the series hasn't gone before.

Being Human BBC Blog:


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