Friday, July 22, 2011

Dexter - Comic Con 2011 Cips Season 6

And here's a look at Comic Con's take on Dexter this year as the countdown to the show's sixth season begins.

A stylish photo with actor Michael C. Hall, one of the things that we learn about the upcoming year is that faith is going to be playing a huge role in the series. I'm actually surprised it's taken the show this long to add religion into the mix of murdering mayhem in Miami.

The cast seemed to be in their element talking about the upcoming season but the two minute trailer released for it really did a lot of talking to. It looks like Dexter is certainly going to have his hands full with the likes of Colin Hanks and Mos Def being added to the series.

Comic Con Panel Part 1:
Comic Con Panel Part 2:
Season 6 Trailer:

Season Six of Dexter will air on Showtime, Sundays at 9pm from October 2nd and premiere on FXUK in 2012.

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