Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Bit Of Werewolf Slaying

I was meant to do this on Saturday but I got distracted, but here it is ...

Angry Boys: I am loving this series more and more. I don't know if we'll get a second series but I wouldn't mind seeing more of Gran Sims after last week's episode revealed that she had Alzheimer's, proving that Chris Lilley can add some poignancy to these characters as well. Even in last night's episode, I felt a little sympathetic towards the Blake character, despite him being the weakest character of the bunch. And fair play to Tim for finally getting his own back on that evil bitch of a mother he has. Only three more episodes left to watch.

Camelot: It's a shame this has had to come to an end because it's really been an interesting series. In the last two weeks, Morgan has upped her game as a character - first by being forced into making an example of her pet nun (thank you for that, Merlin) and then by holding Igraine captive and posing as her. However in spite of her desire to undermine/usurp her brother at every turn, I still get the feeling that Morgan cares something for Arthur, even if she's not willing to admit it. As for the Arthur/Guinevere/Leontes triangle - it's not bad but could be a little better though.
Mildred Pierce: I need to catch up with the last two episodes but the second and third instalments were pretty decent stuff though. Okay, I'm at the point where I'd ship Veda off to military school and Mildred's romance with Monty is about as interesting as paint drying but the main actors have definitely earned their 21 Emmy nominations with the powerhouse performances though.

Sirens: I've caught up with the last three episodes of this series and it's definitely been worth watching. From dealing with Stuart and Maxine's push/pull dynamic, Rachid's fear of dying alone and even Ashley's family antics, this show has been one of the best things Channel 4 has produced for a while. Here's hoping there's a second series around the corner.

Smallville: Finally Lois and Clark are on the same page. No more hiding in plain sight, no more lame excuse - they finally have honesty with each other and it's about damn time. Too bad the last two episodes have been in cliche land though - Lois possessed by an Egyptian goddess in one and nearly sacrificed by a creepy set of villagers. Better though is the current storyline with Tess and Alexander's rapid aging - he's becoming Lex and it's working well, plot wise. And I kinda like the idea of her working in Watchtower while Chloe is still gone.

The Vampire Diaries: How do you solve a problem like Mason Lockwood? If you're Caroline, you kiss his ass for threatening your friend but if you're Damon, you kidnap him, tie him up, torture him and kill him. Damon is nothing if no predictable to be honest. I felt a little bad that Mason was killed off so speedily but that only means that Katherine will just get poor Matt to cause Tyler to turn into a werewolf. I am loving Katherine in this show - her threats to keep Stefan/Elena apart, manipulating Caroline/Jenna/Matt, resistance to Vervain - the woman is unstoppable, isn't she? And the personal stuff with Caroline and her mother in the last two episodes also worked well.

- Idina Menzel will be reprising her role as Shelby for a multi-episode story in the third season of Glee.
- Jamie Murray has been cast as Andrew's business partner, Olivia in the new series of Ringer.
- Michelle Forbes has admitted that she doesn't know if she'll be appearing in the second season of The Killing.
- Jason Ritter will be reprising his role as Mark in the third season of Parenthood.
- Liam Cunningham is the latest actor to be cast in the second season of Game Of Thrones as Davos while Stephen Dillane will be playing Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre will be played by Carice Van Houten.
- Ricky Gervais and Clyde Philips are working on a series called Afterlife, a series about an atheist who ends up in Heaven.
- B.D Wong has confirmed that he will not be appearing in the upcoming season of Law And Order: SVU.
- Michael C. Hall has said that the upcoming season of Dexter will have a lightness to it.

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