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Being Human - Series 5 Airdate/Cast Pictures & Interviews

Well, the fifth series is finally due as BBC3 decided to get off their backsides and release a trailer and some promotional material for Being Human and it's certainly looking good. So what does the season hold for each of the main characters?

Hal Yorke (Damien Molony): He's still tied up at the start of the series and it seems that Hal getting off the blood is going to be a lot harder, especially with the presence of a new vampire named Crumb (Colin Hoult) around the block as well. Hal will also be getting a job as a Manager at the Barry Grand Hotel when one of the owners takes a shine to him. Also for the most enthusiastic of fans of the OCD vampire, we'll be getting some flashbacks with him as well as developing his continued relationships with both Tom and Alex throughout the six episode fifth year.

Alex Millar (Kate Bracken): She's adjusting to life as a ghost and if anyone thinks she's going to be like Annie, you're mistaken, though Alex has adopted both Hal and Tom as her family now. In the trailer, it definitely seems like her and Hal are having some strong conversations about feelings and she even cheekily kisses Mr Rook (Steven Robertson) on the cheek as well. I am hoping that we actually get to meet her father and brothers at some point in the series but no spoilers so far have indicated that happening.

Tom McNair (Michael Socha): Like Hal, he's got a job at the Barry Grand Hotel but at the same time, when they're not fighting baddies together, it does seem there could be some conflict with both Tom and Hal as well. Also reading on some spoilers, it seems that Alex will be helping make Tom a little cooler around girls and there's rumours from Sci-Fi Now magazine that Allison (Ellie Kendrick) may be returning for an episode as well.

Captain Hatch (Phil Davis): He's the devil! No, really, he is and with Phil Davis playing him, you just know that Hal, Tom, Alex and virtually everyone else (human or supernatural) are basically screwed. It seems that Hatch will go from a decrepit old man residing in the Barry Grand Hotel slowly gaining his foothold over humanity and also throwing things at our supernatural trio without them even knowing it at first. He's the main villain of the season, although Mr Rook, the Men In Grey and Crumb will also be causing problems for our main characters as well.

And here's the main cast shot with Crumb, Tom, Alex, Hal, Captain Hatch and Mr Rook all inside the Barry Grand Hotel (anyone else think it's the same place Doctor Who used for the Whithouse penned episode, The God Complex?). Apparently the first three episodes of the new series have the titles of The Trinity, Sticks And Ropes and Pie And Prejudice. I can't wait to find out what the remaining three episodes will be called but with the rather apocalyptic feel to this upcoming series and the fact that creator Toby Whithouse also seems to penning an upcoming spy drama for the BBC, could Series 5 be the last we see of our new favourite vampire/werewolf/ghost trio? I hope not but it is a possibility though. Also, tiny plug but the US version of Being Human has been picked up by Watch for those who want to give it a whirl.

Series 5 Trailer:  
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Series 5 of Being Human airs Sundays at 10pm on BBC3 from February 3rd.

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