Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doctor Who - Series 7 Returns In March

After some less than encouraging rumours yesterday concerning the 50th anniversary, which I'll get into in a moment, it seems that some good news is afoot in relation to the second half of Doctor Who's seventh series.

The eight remaining episodes of Series 7, which will feature two written by Steven Moffat (episodes 7 and 14), two by Neil Cross (episodes 8 and 10), two by Mark Gatiss (episodes 9 and 12) and one each by Stephen Thompson (episode 11) and Neil Gaiman (episode 13) will air on BBC1 from March 30th, though the timeslot has yet to be confirmed. This will also coincide with the fact that shortly in April, production on the 50th anniversary story will also take place.

Speaking of the 50th, a recent toy fare, displaying the recent figures made for Clara, the Cybermen and other Series 7 characters has also managed to leak that as well as getting 11 Doctor Who Revisited episodes (each one being 25 minutes long), there seems to be some rumour/confirmation that the actual 50th anniversary story itself might only be 60 minutes long. Considering that the BBC themselves not confirmed this (and also that we're nearly three months off it actually being filmed), perhaps we should wait/hope that the story itself will be a lot longer than an hour but either way, at least we're getting some news now.

Series 7 Part 2 News:
Series 7 Part 2 Trailer:

Series 7 of Doctor Who resumes airing on BBC1 from March 30th.

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