Thursday, January 10, 2013

Doctor Who - Some 50th Anniversary Details

Well, it might be 10 months away from airing (and another three from filming) but some details about the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who have been revealed.

First of all in terms of audios, we've got a collaboration with Big Finish and AudioGo with an 11 part series called Destiny Of The Doctors with each Doctor getting a story per month, starting this month. The stories in question are Hunters Of Earth by Nigel Robinson (1st Doctor), Shadow Of Death by Simon Guerrier (2nd Doctor), Vengeance Of The Stones by Andrew Smith (3rd Doctor), Babblesphere by Jonathan Morris (4th Doctor), Smoke And Mirrors by Steve Lyons (5th Doctor), Trouble In Paradise by Nev Fountain (6th Doctor), Shockwave by James Swallow (7th Doctor), Enemy Lines by Alan Barnes (8th Doctor), Night Of The Whisper by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright (9th Doctor), Death's Deal by Darren Jones (10th Doctor) and The Time Machine by Matt Fitton (11th Doctor). And that's only the tip of the iceberg really.

Because in November, Big Finish are also doing a multi-Doctor story called, The Light At The End, which will be released in two different versions - a five disc Limited Edition version with two documentaries as well as a version with another companion based story called The Revenants. However, The Light At The End will feature Doctors Four to Eight as well as Leela, Nyssa, Peri, Ace and Charley and a series of e-books from Penguin Books, featuring all 11 Doctors will be released over the next few months as well, plus two soundtracks covering Series 7 as well as soundtracks covering stuff from both the Classic and New Series as well.

As for the actual televised material, the latest issue of DWM has stated that we've got the remaining eight episodes of Series 7 (or the anniversary series as they've labelled it) to look forward to in April with the 11th Doctor and Clara as well as two specials - the first one being Mark Gatiss's biopic, An Adventure In Space And Time as well as the actual special itself due for November. No details on casting for either or whether or not we're getting a Christmas 2013 special but hopefully more details emerge pretty soon.

More Details:

The second half of Series 7 of Doctor Who is due to air in April.

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