Thursday, January 03, 2013

Revenge - Season 2 New Promo

Well, it's been a month and Revenge seems to be back in business with ABC clearly using some of Tyler Shield's recent photoshoots in order to promote the second half of Season 2. And it certainly looks like it's going to be an interesting batch of episodes as Emily and Victoria form an unholy alliance of sorts and Daniel finds himself even more over his head with the initiative lurking by.

The first three episodes of the second half of Season 2 are called Power, Sabotage and Collusion and it seems that the last of the three will guest star former Nip/Tuck actor Dylan Walsh as a rival for Conrad with as much wealth and style as the Grayson patriarch. He'll be around for a few episodes during the second half of the new season.

Season 2 - A Beautiful Thing Promo:
Photoshoot 2:

Revenge Season 2 continues Sundays at 9pm on ABC from January 6th and will air on E4, Mondays at 9pm from January 7th.

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