Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Being Human - Series 5 SFX Spoilers/Preview

With the show due back very soon, the promotion for Series 5 of Being Human has kick started and SFX Magazine has given us some interesting bits from the cast (including Phil Davis) and creator, Toby Whithouse. These include ....

5x01: Tom and Hal have been sacked from their jobs, we're reintroduced to Mr Rook and have two other villains in Captain Hatch and a vampire named Crumb (Colin Hoult). Also, we're meeting the first supernatural trinity as well. (Toby Whithouse).

5x02: Honolulu Heights is haunted and Captain Hatch gives an impressive baddie speech. (Daragh Carville).

5x03: Julian Barrett plays a deluded werewolf named Larry and Amanda Hale plays an unlikely Regency Ghost. Also a great comedy episode for Tom. (James Mathieson).

5x04: A big episode for Crumb and also another werewolf guest with Ricky Grover playing an innocent one named Bobby. (John Jackson).

5x05: A big lead up to the climax when all the stories start crashing into each other, also has a rather exciting five minutes and features Kathryn Prescott as Natasha. (Sarah Dollard).

5x06: The finale will feature cameos from characters from last year (none of the original cast). We're also told what Captain Hatch's plan is and we get to see it played out. (Toby Whithouse).

Now onto the grittier stuff - Captain Hatch is actually the Devil himself and he's able to get people to kill themselves with words. It also Mr Rook is an ambivalent character. Sometimes he'll be an ally to the Honolulu Heights gang, sometimes he won't be. We'll also be getting some more flashbacks with Hal as well as seeing him taking on a manager's position in the Barry Grand Hotel where Hatch is residing. Hatch is also twisted by his own malevolence, hence his current physical condition as well and his arc is about his slow climb back to power.

Being Human's fifth series will return on BBC3 in February.

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