Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Deception - One Of TV3's Better Efforts

Let's be honest, TV3 and their recent efforts for original programming has been pretty unimpressive, so their attempts of doing an original drama in Deception is something I approached with caution.

The six part hour long drama began last night and set within Galway (the second drama of the station to be based there - the other being Jack Taylor), Deception offered a slew of interesting enough topics such as a murder, a marriage on the rocks, some nosy and vindictive types, embittered police officers, a young girl who learned that her father was the deceased in this episode and a couple that seemed to comprise of a superficial WAG type Catriona French, played by Leigh Arnold (who wouldn't have looked out of the place on TV3's pointless non-entity, Dublin Wives) and her husband, former scrum Jack French (Connor Mullen), a hotshot who seems to be up to his eyes in debt as things around them seemed to be falling to pieces.

I won't lie - this is hardly a must see show at all to be honest and is probably unlikely to give RTE stablemates, Raw and Love/Hate a run for their money but despite some dodgy acting from the younger cast as well as the majority of the characters generally being an unlikeable bunch (you really would have to be a masochist to sympathise with Catriona), it did make for an entertaining enough hour. Plus, with five episodes left and a promise of developing all of the characters, perhaps TV3 might be onto something decent. It's either this or more of Tallafornia and I assume I can speak for everyone when I say no-one wants that to happen.

TV3 Site: http://www.tv3.ie/shows.php?request=deception

Deception airs Monday at 10pm on TV3.

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