Monday, May 27, 2013

Channel 4 Buys The Returned

Airing European dramas has never been more prominent at the moment, especially given in the last few years between them, the likes of BBC4 and FOX have aired the likes of The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge, Braquo, Spiral and Jo to name a few and it seems now that Channel 4 are getting in on the act as well.

Originally called Les Revenants (or Rebound), Channel 4 have renamed the series The Returned and it's a show that focuses a group of people trying to return to their homes in an Alpine village. The snag is for them is that they are unaware they're actually dead.

The show has already been a massive success in France and it's the first time in 20 years that Channel 4 have bought and aired a subtitled drama. However while Channel 4 plan to air this series next month, there are already rumours that an English version is imminent with AbbotVision seemingly being involved should one come to pass.

Having looked at the trailer, this looks like quite the bumpy ride and definitely quite dark and creepy in places. I think this is definitely going to be an eight part show I'll be watching over the next few weeks, especially given that the producers themselves have apparently given the usual supernatural rules something of a rewrite for this show.

Press Release:
Season 1 Trailer:

The Returned will air on Channel 4 Sundays at 9pm from June 9th.

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