Friday, May 17, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 2x22: "Truth Part 2"

Written by Mike Kelley And Mark B. Perry
Directed by J. Miller Tobin

Emily: “Jack, look at me. Deep down inside you have always known the truth. I’m Amanda Clarke.”

Well, it only took forty four episodes for Emily to actually tell someone other than an annoying author that she was really Amanda Clarke and for dramatic purposes, it was always going to be either Jack, Charlotte or Victoria who would become privy to this information. For the time, I’m glad the person she told was Jack, especially given that it will set up a shit storm next season as well.

This year really hasn’t been a good one for Jack, has it? When he hasn’t been too self-righteous at times for viewers, he’s had to lose both Amanda and now Declan and at both times, Conrad had some role to play in their deaths. Grayson Global went boom with the intention of taking Jack out of the equation but instead it ended up being Declan who died.

I’ve never been Declan’s biggest of fans but I did find his death pretty effective and not because of Jack and Nolan’s respective reactions to it but also because Connor Paolo did a good job in making me care that Declan was on the way out. I can only imagine how Charlotte will react to the news when Victoria of all people breaks it down for her.

However getting back to Jack for a moment – he was determined to kill Conrad and personally, I think Emily should’ve let him. Maybe she is responsible for some of the chaos that Jack’s had to suffer but at the same time, Conrad’s been more responsible and given that this episode revealed that Conrad was less of pawn for the Initiative and more of a player within them, I think Emily will regret not letting Jack get his revenge here.

As for Jack and Emily’s relationship – I don’t imagine the truth will instantly bond them but considering that Aiden’s fate is currently left unknown and that Nolan has been framed as Americon Initiative, Emily and Jack might have to work through their issues to save the latter. Besides, I actually do think Jack does owe Nolan quite a bit really.

Nolan being framed to take the fall for the Initiative was an interesting move. Obviously he’s not going to spend all of next season behind bars but it’s definitely an interesting direction for the character and the fact that Padma was coerced into framing him certainly added a sting to it as well. Even in death, Padma managed to get at least one more appearance on the show and that’s certainly more than what can be said about Kara, eh?

Keeping with the Initiative stuff – I loved the reveal of Conrad’s deeper involvement and the fact that he’s been manipulating both Victoria and Daniel all season was a great twist. Maybe not so surprising in retrospect but definitely satisfying though. Add to the fact that he’s virtually won the election as well and it’s looking all the more likely that Conrad will be a formidable opponent next season.

Speaking of opponents – Aiden can’t really be dead at the hands of Daniel, right? I mean he was able to defeat an experienced martial arts expert in Takeda, so a fight between him and Daniel couldn’t have resulted in his death. Even for this show, it would be a stretch in spite of the fact that neither of them held back in their hatred of each other and competing affections for Emily during their altercation. Maybe Aiden escaped the fight or Daniel has him stashed away somewhere. I guess it’s just another thing for the next season to pick up on fairly quickly next season then.

Last but not least – who the hell have they cast as Patrick? I wasn’t surprised that he showed up in the finale for Victoria to see but I am hoping that he will be an interesting character who’ll add something new to the show and something that will work in it’s favour. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of an influence Victoria will have on him, if any.

Also in “Truth Part 2”

I’m not sure about UK viewers but Irish viewers will be seeing this two part finale over two weeks instead of a double bill.

Nolan: “Thank God.”
Jack: “Not so fast friend. How the hell did you know that building was gonna explode?”

Victoria and Emily’s hostility for each other in this episode intensified to the point where I actually thought the former was going to work out who the latter really was.

Jack: “You told Emily? She’s practically a Grayson.”
Nolan: “I trust Emily with my life. So did Amanda. It’s time you did too.”

Aiden: “I hope you get what you’re looking for, Amanda. No-one has ever deserved it more than you. Goodbye.”

Can I throw some praise for Ashley in this episode? She genuinely seemed disgusted with Conrad using Declan’s death for his own gain and she managed to convince Jack of her innocence with the text. She was also going to play the Nate Ryan confession at the election too.

Conrad (to Daniel): “You and I are gonna show when the hour’s darkest, we Graysons shine the brightest.”

Victoria: “You will soon learn that there are limits to what a woman will endure for appearances.”
Emily: “Meaning?”
Victoria: “You and Daniel. Whatever your reasons are for marrying him you’ll never convince me it’s for love.”

Not only did we not another appearance from Kara but we did get one from Helen Crowley as well in flashback when she made Conrad a certain offer.

Victoria: “Do it. Pull the trigger. I deserve it.”
Jack: “No. What you deserve is to explain to your grandchild why it doesn’t have a father. What you deserve is to live a very long, very painful, torturing life. Unlike your husband.”

Ashley: “You never miss a trick, do you?”
Conrad: “You don’t get to where we are by ignoring opportunity.”

Chronology: From where the first part of the episode left off.

A brilliant finale, both parts of “Truth” certainly provided a wonderful set up for next season. I know the second year has been patchy at times and that this show is having difficulties sustaining Emily’s crusade for vengeance but this was still an excellent way to end this season regardless.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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