Thursday, May 09, 2013

True Blood - Season 6 Trailer

The trailer has been released since Saturday but I've been a little busy and my internet's been all over the place but here's a rundown of some of the more interesting bits from the upcoming sixth season of True Blood.

Alcide fans - well, he's topless again and still romping with Rikki (makes sense given that Sookie has her own love interest this season) and he's also having to deal with the fact that shifters have been outed thanks to Luna's broadcast from last season.

Bill vs. Eric yet again, although this time it might not be entirely connected to Sookie though. In this season, we've got Bill believing that he's some kind of god thanks to Lilith's influence and we've also got Eric uncovering from the new governor's daughter that vampires are being experimented on. Basically it's going to suck to anything supernatural even more this season than usual.

Jason's still on a vampire hating mission but he's also getting knocked about the place as well. We already know that him and Jessica still aren't an item in the upcoming season and that both him and Sookie will be getting to know Macklyn (Rutgar Hauer) and he's also managed to get himself caught in a love triangle with two new characters as well.

Speaking of Macklyn - doesn't he know how to make an entrance or what? I'm still unsure as to whether or not he's the main antagonist of the season or not but he definitely appears like he's going to be the best thing about it nonetheless though. It's about time the fairy plot got more interesting and Macklyn may be the very thing that makes it so.

What the hell is Lafayette doing here? I know Sookie can be polarising a great deal of the time, but really, ducking her head underwater? I'm sure there's more to this scene but it certainly stood out though. Perhaps Lafayette's possessed again by that demon he's got from Jesus.

Last season, Steve Newlin was keen on keeping Jason prisoner but it seems that the tables have turned as he's captured by his ex-wife, Sarah Newlin. And it also seems that Sarah's anti-vampire mantra hasn't softened since the last time we've seen her either. Hate to admit it but I kind of feel sorry for Steve for once.

Last but not least, we've got Tara comforting Pam in a few choice scenes from the trailer as well, which seems rather sweet. Other interesting clips including Sookie's microwave hands again, Jessica getting in touch with her kinky side, a bloodied up Sam and some gun practice with Andy and Holly. I know the previous season didn't do a lot for viewers but this upcoming season certainly looks like it could be an improvement though.

Season 6 Trailer:

True Blood - Season 6 will air on Sundays 9pm on HBO from June 16th.

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