Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 2x19: "Identity"

Written by Joe Fazzio And Ted Sullivan
Directed by Charlie Stratton

Emily (to Chang): “One thing I’ve learned you can never be certain what the future holds. That being said, I can’t imagine an honour greater than joining the Grayson family.”

Well, Emily, you could always join the Lannisters if you’re feeling that way. You think Victoria’s bad, wait until you meet Cersei, then you really will have to be on your guard all the time. Joking aside – talk about Daniel being a sly so and so, eh? Using live television to tighten his grip on Emily. Not a nice character trait there, Danny Boy.

Of course Emily managed to contain her annoyance with Daniel but even a jealous Aiden found himself forced to admit that in order to further her mission she would need to marry Daniel this time, especially given that he did spend a good portion of this episode suspecting Emily’s reluctance into labelling their renewed relationship.

Thankfully not all of Emily’s plot this week focused on Daniel as she did manage to get Nolan (who was arrested/released for Padma’s death) out of his funk in order to snare and ultimately destroy the Falcon. I wasn’t too shocked that our mystery hacker turned out to be some random person named Edith Lee who had no previous history with any of the main characters, aside from Victoria but I did love her being taken down though.

Nolan was at his ruthless best when he tricked Edith into revealing her identity and also Victoria’s long lost son on live television and it certainly gave the character the kick he very much needed. Of course the most interesting part of the whole thing was then having Victoria ask for Nolan’s assistance in finding Patrick in exchange for him getting NolCorp back fully.

As twists go, this one was a nice shocking moment. Not only does it put Victoria at a disadvantage but it also might create some conflict with Emily and Nolan as well if the latter develops a tiny glimmer of sympathy for Victoria’s plight. That being said, having two of the show’s strongest characters in a plot together does make a lot of sense and I’m looking forward to any further interactions with Victoria and Nolan in the next few episodes.

Keeping with the interesting interactions – whose side is Ashley really on here? I know she’s a social climbing opportunity, so it makes sense for her to be on Conrad but at the same time, I get the feeling that her sympathies for Jack might not be entirely false either. It’s kind of hard to tell as she seemed to be playing both of them here when they weren’t playing her but it’s certainly made Ashley more interesting than she usually is though.

As for Aiden – well, it’s about time someone stood up to Takeda but I’m not sure if his approach was the wisest though. He was right to tell Takeda that avenging his sister’s murder hasn’t brought him comfort but at the same time, his actions could potentially risk Emily’s whole plan and one that one, it’s applicable to both Aiden and Takeda.

Last but not least, it’s amusing that Charlotte can go from decking Regina at a Halloween party to becoming her best friend in this one and blowing Declan off. It’s also interesting enough though as it’s again hard to tell what Regina’s motives actually are but it does seem that Charlotte certainly had a lot more fun letting her hair down than enduring yet another one of her family’s PR disasters.

Also in “Identity”

Edith Lee was a child prodigy of sorts who was in that retreat picture that Emily uses to mark her victims. Only this time, Nolan did it.

Jack (re Conrad): “What do you think he has planned?”
Ashley: “I wouldn’t put anything past that man but unfortunately I am unable to dig any further without arousing suspicion.”

What exactly is Conrad doing with Stoddard’s wife, Allison? I doubt it’s another affair but it can’t be good either, whatever it may be.

Emily: “I thought you hated babies.”
Ashley: “Turns out Carl’s the exception. He’s quite the little charmer.”

Regina: “I don’t care what people think.”
Charlotte: “That must be nice.”
Regina: “Why do you? You’re practically a celebrity. You should be out using the Grayson name to do whatever you want but instead now you hide from it.”

We got some flashbacks to Victoria actually raising Patrick for a bit before she was given a scholarship to Paris.

Aiden (to Takeda): “You’re wrong. This path you’ve lead us down leads nowhere. You see I killed the man who murdered my sister, gave me no peace, so vengeance isn’t the answer.”

Edith: “You messed with the wrong person.”
Nolan: “So did you.”

Nolan’s pretty damn good at Street Fighter and his real middle name is Leslie apparently. His username is also Lord Zolton as well.

Nolan: “Hmm, interesting and in return?”
Victoria: “Help me find my first born son.”

Chronology: I assume it’s around November time in the Hamptons. We definitely got some snow at the end of this episode.

“Identity” didn’t offer anything too new in the dualities for most of the main characters and while the Falcon reveal was a general cop out, along with Jack’s attitude towards Emily, I still found it a wonderfully strong episode nonetheless.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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