Monday, May 20, 2013

Doctor Who - BBC Confirms Series 8

Well, it's not that much of a shocker but following the conclusion of the seventh series, it seems that Doctor Who will be returning for an eighth run.

The press release itself has the following statement ....

We’re delighted to confirm a new series of Doctor Who has been commissioned and the show’s lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, has revealed he’s already plotting a brand new run of adventures for the Doctor. 

Of course Jenna-Louise Coleman has confirmed at least twice in recent weeks that she will be reprising her role as Clara Oswald for the show's eighth series. However it still hasn't been entirely confirmed for definite that Matt Smith (currently in America filming How To Catch A Monster) will return as the 11th Doctor, though a recent interview with The Sun seemed to indicate that he might be. The press release then goes on to provide some more hints as to the 50th anniversary special as well as the confirmation of Christmas 2013.

Elsewhere, following the airing of the Series 7 finale, The Name Of The Doctor, the BBC released a brief behind the scenes interview with Matt Smith and David Tennant from the 50th anniversary special. It's a fun little moment between the former and current Doctors and it's definitely an exciting little prelude of sorts for November.

Series 8 Confirmation:
Matt Smith/David Tennant Interview:

Series 7 Part 2 is available on DVD from May 27th and the anniversary special will air on November 23rd.

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