Monday, March 31, 2014

My Review of DaVinci's Demons 2x02: "The Blood Of Brothers"

Written by Jami O’Brien
Directed by Peter Hoar

Lorenzo: “It’s time to save our city, Leonardo. Our future.”

Well, this was certainly an interesting episode for Lorenzo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the character go through the gamut of so many emotions in one episode until now. That’s not entirely a criticism as it did manage to work in Lorenzo’s favour this week.

The wanting to kill DaVinci over bedding Lucrezia was thankfully dispatched pretty fast when Lorenzo realised his city was being sacked and his brother was dead. The fact that he was also due to become an uncle thanks to Vanessa also might have helped move things along but while Lorenzo has been a lukewarm character at times, this was a great episode for him though.

I liked that he was initially despondent about his abilities to rule until DaVinci also helped to snap him out of it by publicly shaming the Pazzis and getting Lorenzo to appeal to his people. It managed to stop the riots for the time being, it also managed to get Lorenzo reunited with Clarice and more to the point, and the Pazzis have been taken out for the time being as well.

I wasn’t saddened to see Clarice’s brother and the annoying Francesco being killed off this week but while Lorenzo managed to gain some kind of victory this week, he was also savvy enough to realise that more attacks would happen and DaVinci was more useful to him alive than dead. It’s because of this that I get why Lorenzo wasn’t particularly keen on DaVinci doing some globetrotting for the Book Of Leaves until Cossimo’s swords made him see otherwise.

The one thing I’ve enjoyed about the first two episodes this season is that it does seem like things are moving forward. DaVinci might have been swindled out of a boat by Riario but thanks to Lucrezia and Zoroaster, he was introduced to Amerigo Vespucci, so his journey to the New World to get the Book, defeat Riario and save Nico can continue on.

Speaking of Riario – I do like the dynamic with him and Nico. He had no problem with getting rid of Zoroaster and Lucrezia but spared Nico simply because he liked him. I think it’s probably more that Riario sees a kindred spirit of sorts in Nico but either way, it’s an interesting character move as was his having sex with his freed slave in this episode. It’s nice that Riario still retains the ability to surprise in that regard. It certainly bodes well for him this season.

As for Lucrezia and Zoroaster – it was hardly a shocker that they survived but I did actually enjoyed their scenes together and I will admit that Lucrezia came good for DaVinci this week as well, which worked in her character’s favour. However I’m more interested in seeing Lucrezia actually try to get revenge on the Pope than I am watching her mooning over DaVinci though. More of the former than the latter would be better for the character.

Keeping with the Pope – it’s nice to see that he doesn’t waste time either. His allegiance with King Ferrante of Naples could definitely be a very interesting one now that Riario isn’t around. It’s strange but compared to most of the first season, the scenes with Sixtus this season so far have been a lot more interesting to watch. I do hope it remains that way.

Also in “The Blood Of Brothers”

Blood transfusions last week and this week, amplifiers. I can’t wait to see DaVinci ‘invents’ next week.

DaVinci (to Lorenzo): “It doesn’t matter what you want, fate made you a leader.”

Much as I enjoyed seeing Clarice taking down bankers and the like this week, I wasn’t too impressed with her attitude towards Vanessa (who now has to stay with the Medicis), even if I could understand.

Nico: “”Why are you keeping me alive?”
Riario: “Because I like you.”

Clarice: “Now Dragonetti. Now we apprehend the Pazzi traitors.”
Dragonetti: “My pleasure.”

Ferrante’s son, Alfonso was scared and left the room when his father pulled out a tooth. That’s both comical and extremely amusing though.

Zoroaster: “Has anyone ever told you you’d make a beautiful man?”
Lucrezia: “Has anyone ever told you you’re bit of a pig?”

Zoroaster (to DaVinci): “I don’t care about your Book Of Leaves.”

It’s been mentioned in interviews but it really does look like we’re getting some foreshadowing that both Nico and Zoroaster might fall out with DaVinci this season.

Vespucci: “I like you, Senior.”
DaVinci: “Ah, DaVinci.”
Vespucci: “Leonardo DaVinci – Lorenzo’s bastard war engineer? The pleasure is all mine.”

Chronology: Easter Monday according to this episode and from where “The Blood Of Man” left off.

An extremely delightful second episode. “The Blood Of Brothers” forged and further cemented some great connections while hinting at the fracturing of others as well. If the show can keep this sort of momentum up, this will certainly be a great season. Now let’s just get to the New World, shall we?

Rating: 8 out of 10

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