Saturday, September 03, 2016

Channel 4's Commissions The Bisexual

If Fleabag wasn't enough for your female British centred comedy needs, then Channel 4 are stepping in with a show titled, The Bisexual.

Created by and starring Desiree Akhavan, the series sees a young woman named Leila move from New York, following a break up with her girlfriend, Sadie to London where she flat shares with a young man named Gabe who becomes her wingman as she navigates dating men.

The synopsis for the show goes onto explain that the lead character will go through the hells of dating while also "brimming with weird and wonky slices of urban life only apparent to those living on a temporary work visa, struggling to keep up with the discrepancy between what the English say versus how they actually feel."

Going by the synopsis, the show certainly has potential and we all know that Channel 4 have a good history with various LGBT series in the past. The series is also co-written by Cecilia Frugiuele and produced by Naomi de Pear.

Press Release:

The Bisexual will air on Channel 4 soon.

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