Thursday, September 01, 2016

First Look: Finding Prince Charming

If you ever wanted to see a gay version of The Bachelor, well you're in luck as US cable station Logo TV are here to cater to that particular need.

Finding Prince Charming is basically the same thing as the popular ABC show, only this time around it's thirteen strapping looking blokes all vying for the attention of the Charming of the show - in this case, entrepreneur and activist, Robert SepĂșlveda Jr. In fact the series itself isn't too different from The Bachelor with each of the lads fighting to win Robert's attention and Robert himself enjoying the attention of the gorgeous guys on display in his bid to find the one.

Hosting the series will be former N'Sync singer, Lance Bass and it's certainly clear going from the press he's been doing for the show along with the dashing Robert that he's enjoying the role as host for the series. I'm going to link the official site where you can watch trailers for the show, interviews with the Charming man himself and of course, the also lovely suitors for the show as well. The show looks trashy but certainly watchable though.

Official Site:

Finding Prince Charming airs Thursdays at 9pm on Logo from September 8th. No UK broadcaster has been confirmed for the series.

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