Thursday, November 03, 2016

My Review of American Horror Story: Roanoke: Chapter 8

Written by Todd Kubrak
Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton

Audrey: "Shelby would never kill herself, she was way too self centred to commit suicide. I played her for six months. I know her better than I know myself."

And with that quote, we can rule out another person surviving this horror show. Shelby met her maker this week but not because of the Butcher's mob or the Pig Man or even the Polks catching up with her and Dominic. Nope, she killed herself as the guilt of murdering Matt became too much for her to handle and the show really does seem determined to reminder us that literally anyone can die this season.

With Shelby taking her own life, it was up to Dominic to convince both Lee and Audrey that he wasn't a murderer but it seems like his acting skills weren't up to much this week as they both threw him out. Needless to say, Dominic them came to an unfortunate end as the Pig Man finally caught up with him, which leaves at least one self absorbed character left alive with Audrey.

Speaking of Audrey, it now seems obvious that Sarah Paulson is playing her as someone who thinks she's a better actor than she actually is and because of that, Audrey has become a bit more entertaining to watch. I liked seeing her rage at Mama Polk and I certainly had no problem with her murdering the evil bitch when Lee came to her rescue as well. Her reaction to Shelby's death though was truly something else, as in it was both hilarious and horribly self absorbed in equal measure.

As for Lee though, this was certainly her episode. She lost an ear and was drugged up to her eyeballs on coke while getting felt up by Jether, the younger of the Polk clan. The fact that in her state she was able to overpower him, escape and rescue Audrey was pretty extraordinary. However the episode did reveal that she actually murdered Mason and she's determined that no-one else will learn that knowledge either.

Of course with all the deaths of this episode and only two episodes to go, another character was added into the mix. Wes Bentley appeared for the second time this season, as Ambrose's actor, Dylan who encountered both Audrey and Lee during the last moment of this one. Could he be the lone survivor of this season? Probably not but we do need another character in the mix though.

- Monet's fate seems to be unknown for now but she did manage to escape the Polks.
- Anyone else find it a little odd that Lee would automatically believe that Shelby didn't kill Matt? You think Lee would've at least considered the option.
- Two episodes to go and we still haven't seen Matt Bomer or Taissa Farmiga yet.
- Chronology: From where the last episode left off.

Chapter 8 had it's gory bits but it certainly was another strong delivery, especially with Lee and Audrey taking the reins. I have no idea who is going to survive this whole thing now and that certainly adds to the excitement of it all.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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