Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Review of Gotham's 3x10: "Time Bomb"

Written by Robert Hull
Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper

Mario (re Leslie): "She loves me!"

I'm guessing this week's episode was meant to have the lesson of love bringing out the worst in people. Or in Edward and Mario's cases, the most violent as both of them resorted to extremes in the name of love.

First of all, Edward managed to kidnap both Butch and Tabitha, tie them to chair and subject one to a spot of electric therapy while forcing the other to cut their own hand off. There are only two things I took away from this plot. One, Butch and Tabitha are actually an okay couple and I was pleasantly surprised to see the latter actually fight for the former's safety, even at the cost of her hand. I've been fairly lukewarm on Tabitha but this was an episode where I actually cared about the character and even felt bad for her too. On the plus side, it does look like she'll get her hand reattached though.

As for Nygma, I really couldn't give a shit now about his 'love' for Isabella. He barely knew the woman and he kidnapped and tortured two people without having any proof that either of them were responsible for Isabella's death. However, thanks to Butch though, it does seem like he might have figured out that Oswald did the deed instead.

Speaking of Oswald, he managed to acquire himself a new thorn in his side with Barbara pulling a gun on him during her search for Tabitha and Butch this week. Oswald whilst insulted by Babs' flippancy did let her off with a warning but while Barbara didn't get to Butch and Tabitha in time, did however manage to get Butch on side in order to create a little war.

After drifting around and only popping up for some snarky comments, I like that this episode finally made some good use for Barbara as a character. Seeing her try to save Tabitha and Butch was a good move and I got a kick out of her conversation with Olga the housemaid too. This by far has been the best use of Barbara this season.

As for Mario, I don't know what he's been up to but it's definitely been enough that people are trying to take him out. It seems a little predictable to make him into a villain but I guess the show writers have felt enough time has passed for Gordon and Leslie being seperated that Mario needs to be taken out of the picture and making him into a baddie is the way to go there.

On the plus side, it's given us more screen time with Falcone who was a joy to watch this week and we also got to see a connection between Carmine and the Court of Owls as well. Carmine's vow to make Gotham burn if his son is killed seems like something else we can look forward to as I doubt Mario and Leslie are going to be married for very long, even without Leslie's feelings for Jim resurfacing.

As for the Court of Owls, well this week they also came after the Whisper Gang, who came after Bruce and Selina by kidnapping Ivy. My own complaints about Ivy being somewhat reduced to damsel in distress to one side (really, show?), I did like the merging of plotlines while Bruce and Selina also tried to discuss exactly what their relationship is meant to be.

- Ivy used her little perfume this week on Alfred. She was right though about the plants needing some light.
- Bullock has taken over as Captain while a cure is being looked into for Barnes. Please show, take your time with that one.
- Olga it seems isn't a fan of Nygmobblepot. Maybe she has a point.
- Chronology: Not long from where The Executioner left off.

I could've done without seeing Tabitha lose a hand but aside from that, I actually quite enjoyed Time Bomb. It definitely had plenty of excitement about it and it felt like every character was being utilised well enough and next week's episode looks suitably chaotic too.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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