Saturday, November 05, 2016

My Review of How To Get Away With Murder's 3x07: "Call It Mother's Intuition"

Written by Erika Harrison
Directed by Mike Smith

Wes (to detective, re Annalise): "You want someone to help take her down? This is the only way I'll talk."

An alternative title for this episode could've been The Roast Of Annalise Keating but the one given to this episode certainly had enough meaning. First of all, the case of the week was one of the best the show has done and this season, it really does feel like Nowalk and company have stepped up into making them more interesting than a screen time filler.

The case being a mother who tried to frame her three ungrateful children for attempted poisoning. The mother in question was not a sympathetic character, as we learned pretty quickly within the episode that she made her adult children's lives a living hell with her horrible attitude and their jesting about wanting her dead led to her extreme actions in teaching them a lesson.

I liked how Annalise figured out that the mother was lying and I also liked Laurel's role in exposing the lie before the case could even be tried. As for the kids themselves, I can't really say I blame them for wanting their mother dead and I wouldn't be surprised if at some point, one of them actually does the deed themselves. This feels like the sort of case that could generate it's own sequel.

Of course the other thing about the case was how it tied into the gang finally getting the chance to vent their anger towards Annalise. Granted, Wes decided to take a backseat but Connor, Asher, Michaela and Laurel certainly went for the jugular and gave Annalise a few home truths. As for Wes though, it soon became apparent as to why he was less eager on roasting Annalise compared to everyone else.

Going into the flashforwards, it seems that Wes is also another person we can rule out being under the sheet as he was revealed to be snitching on Annalise for immunity at the end of this episode while Laurel regained consciousness and asked Meggy for him. I guess that now leaves Connor (don't be him), Frank and Nate as possible candidates for being under the sheet.

Speaking of Frank though, the scene where Bonnie 'dumped' him was surprisingly harsh but I wasn't surprised he then went back to Laurel just when things were developing with her and Wes. Keeping with developments, it seems that Oliver and Thomas ended rather quickly and things are back on with him and Connor. I approve of the development but it's also making me a little worried they could be setting up something less pleasant in a fortnight's time.

- Frank's little plan to frame Mahoney's other son for the murder seems to be quickly falling apart.
- Both Simon and Hargrove seem to be getting more and more screen time than even Nate is getting these days.
- Keeping with the mother theme of this episode, I'm surprised we didn't get to see Michaela's mother again but I assume she'll be back next week.
- Chronology: Two weeks until the main event itself and next week, we've got Annalise vs. Frank to look forward to.

Call It Mother's Intuition certainly had it's moments. The main case was compelling, we've got the inevitable fallout of Wes's betrayal to deal with and the reunion (or was it?) of Connor and Oliver was definitely a highlight. I still don't want Connor to be under the sheet though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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