Friday, November 11, 2016

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 2x05: "Compromised"

Written by Keto Shimizu & Grainne Godfree
Directed by David Geddes

Reverse Flash (to Damien): "Tell you what, why don't we work together to change both our destinies? Step inside."

Earlier in the season, we saw Reverse Flash extend the hand of 'friendship' to Damien Darhk but since then we've also been dealing with Nazis, ninjas and zombies and a whole new team dynamic that our baddies have taken something of a backseat with things.

This episode somewhat rectified that conundrum by having Darhk cause a little trouble for the gang with plans to blow up the White House during Reagan's era at a State dinner all the while retrieving some more fancy weapons for his own future plans of world domination. What Damien didn't factor into things was Sara.

Back in the premiere episode, Sara went at Damien with reckless abandon, determined to kill him at all costs and this week she revisited that mindset when her first instinct upon seeing Darhk was to try and kill him yet again, which almost mucked up the gang's previous attempts of sneaking into the White House undercover.

I like that the show is showing Sara's thirst for vengeance versus her newfound responsibility as the team's leader. I also thought the confrontation she had with Martin highlighted those struggles pretty well and while she made the wise decision to back off killing Damien, she did however show a moment of Barry style recklessness by actually giving her enemy some cryptic future spoilers. Not a very smart thing to do there, Sara. At least she managed to get the box away from him though.

Speaking of Darhk, I'm surprised that I'm enjoying him second time around. I think it's helping that unlike Savage, both Damien and Reverse Flash are more compelling villains that aren't being shoehorned into episodes so far. We're still a while off for the Legion of Doom coming into formation but so far, I do think Darhk and Eobard are a good baddie partnership.

As for the rest of the episode, well we got to see the younger Stein once again who managed to get himself stabbed when he wasn't abandoning Clarissa again. Seeing Stein arguing with his younger self was amusing, while Nate and Amaya teamed up and met an older version of Obsidian, who I am hoping the show brings back again at some point.

Another great pairing in this episode was Mick and Ray. I liked that this episode quickly established that Ray isn't Snart and that when it came to diffusing one of Damien's bombs, it was the scientist Palmer that was needed rather than the wannabe (and not very convincing) bad boy Ray that saved the day. Those two continue to be a brilliant double act. I still miss Snart but seeing Ray and Mick's ever growing friendship is a thing of beauty though.

- In news that won't shock, Amaya confirmed that her and Rex were involved with each other. I also liked the way the show revealed that Obsidian had a boyfriend waiting for him at home.
- Ray eating Reagan's Jelly Babies was one of the most absurd moments that was later topped by Mick scoffing a pastry. I loved both of those moments.
- When are Stein and Jax going to tell Sara and the rest of the team about Barry's message from the future?
- Chronology: 1987 Miami and Washington. Next week though, Jonah Hex is back.

Compromised was a nice little eighties trip ripe with some nice music and commentary (Amaya quipping about shoulder pads, Mick not liking certain music etc) but more importantly, it also pushed things a little forward with our baddies too and the fun factor is still ever present.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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