Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Review of American Horror Story: Roanoke: Chapter 9

Written by Tim Minear
Directed by Alexis Korycinski

Milo (to Sophie): "I dunno, I just think the show was scary."

Penultimate episode of the season and with so many characters bumped off in the last few episodes, what the show really needed was a few more characters to bump off before we go into the finale. On this front, this episode wasted no time in delivering.

Step forth Dylan (Wes Bentley), who played Ambrose in My Roanoke Nightmare. Despite some initial misgivings, Dylan looked like he could've been a useful ally to Lee, Audrey and Monet, except for the fact that in spite of his supposed army training, he was actually taken out of the equation pretty quickly by the remaining Polk family and then the Butcher's mob.

Speaking of which, this episode saw the Butcher come back in a rather glorious way. This time around, Lee assumed the role when she surrendered to the witch and ate a pig heart. Not only did this result in Monet getting thrown down the stairs and impaled to death on a spike, but Audrey too suffered at the new Butcher's hands.

Having Lee take on this role so late in the game is an interesting move, one made a little more so when she took on a group of fans as well. Taissa Farmiga made her third appearance on the show overall as the Tumblr conscious, Sophie along with her mates Todd (Jacob Artist) and Milo (John Bass) are documenting stuff for their fansite before realising they've stumbled around the slaughter fest of the Blood Moon and are unable to get away from there.

I have to admit, as fan type of characters, they weren't as cringey as they could've been but saying that as well, they really should've made a run for it instead of trying to be heroes. Of course they died though and by the end of this episode, so did Audrey when the police shot her down, unaware that Lee is the real killer of the bunch.

As for next week's finale, it does look like Lee is going to have the spotlight solely on her, given that she's become the sole survivor of the piece. Will she get away with murder once again or is she about to pay the biggest price of them all?

- Trailer for next week shows that Lana Winters from the Asylum season will be back. Do not kill her off, show.
- Hot Uber driver from earlier in the season made an appearance in this episode and managed not to die as well.
- Jacob Artist is the second regular from Glee we've had in an episode who popped up and died within a few minutes. I wonder who'll it be next season.
- Chronology: From where the last episode left off but next week's finale looks like it will have a time jump.

Chapter 9 was a pretty stunning penultimate episode. I liked the whole Lee as the new Butcher storyline and having her as the sole survivor was a reasonably great twist as well. As for the finale, I guess all bets are off as to how it will wrap things up.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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