Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sense8 - Polyphony

Written by Lana Wachowski & J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Jamie McTeigue

Raoul (to Lito): "There are people you meet in your life and for no logical reason, you feel connected to."

On this show, we know that's quite a literal thing. The previous episode saw Wolfgang meet another Cluster member in Lila as well as showing flashbacks to Lito's previous involvement with Angelica's fellow Cluster member, Raoul and this episode somewhat went into more depth with the latter and quite brilliantly too might I add.

From the last episode, Lito and Raoul met one another when the former was still closeted but there was definitely a nice connection with the two of them as we saw in flashbacks. In the present day though we met Raoul's father, who took to Lito and showed him a rather gruesome video of Todd being zombified by Milton while another flashback showed a heartbreaking moment where Raoul called his father in a near catatonic state with Angelica assisting him.

Right now, Raoul seems to be missing, so there's a chance he might actually show up in the present day and I certainly hope he does. Meanwhile Wolfgang told the rest of the gang about Lila and had a pretty interesting three way conversation between her and Kala in the bathroom. As for Lila, she did admit that she's somewhat working with Milton and told Wolfgang to find a way of getting the BPO onside. It's interesting that Lila isn't hiding her shadiness from Wolfgang.

Elsewhere we had Anamita in a pretty stunning sequence (in an episode that had plenty of them) where she had to avoid the overzealous Agent Bendix from getting to her while Nomi and the gang also experienced a protest in Mumbai (Kala's scenes with her mother) and Nairobi (Capheus being interview by Zakia again) as Riley went to a guy to learn more about the drugs that Milton uses to suppress being found by other Clusters. Lito and Kala's reactions during that particular scene were priceless.

As for Sun, she mostly had some great scenes with Ming-Jun but it didn't take long for the law to actually catch up with the pair of them. While Ming-Jun was prepared to go back to prison, Sun did try to escape and her rooftop hand to hand combat with Mun brought about some nice flashbacks as the two of them have a previous connection with each other that should make later encounters more interesting to watch.

However the real shocker of the episode came at the end with Jonas actually being killed and Milton making sure that Will and the gang saw it. It was brief but brutal enough and while I guess Jonas being killed was always inevitable, I'm surprised they did it here though. That being said, it really does go to show just how dangerous Milton has become now for everyone.

- No Hernando in this episode or Daniella. Bug's reaction to learning about the Sensates was as hysterical as the Lito/Riley hysterics used to help Will escape the museum.
- I'm surprised that Kala wasn't able to sense Lila during that scene but Lila could somewhat sense her though. I guess maybe Lila just wanted to make sure only Wolfgang could interact with her.
- Not really any sexy moments in the episode aside from Lito/Raoul briefly in flashback.
- Chronology: Exactly where Obligate Mutualism left off.

Easily the best episode so far. While I've enjoyed the first two episodes of this season, Polyphony was the one that really propelled things for me. The last scene was a shocker but the main plot is definitely ramping up a gear and as usual the character moments continue to be beautiful to watch as well.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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