Saturday, May 06, 2017

Sense8 - Who Am I?

Written by Lana Wachowski & J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Lana Wachowski 

Will (to Milton): "You think you're hunting us? We're coming for you!"

First of all, apologies, I got the episodes mixed up and accidentally reviewed the second episode of the new season before the first one. Realizing my error, I'm now making the right alterations and posting the correct review but again, apologies though.

It's been a while since the events of the Christmas special and things for Will certainly haven't been a barrel of laughs. His attempts of using drugs to blot out Milton's presence is starting to have an adverse affect on him and Milton certainly seemed to be having fun in taunting Will. 

I have to admit the back and forth with the two of them is certainly a highlight of the episode with Milton really proving his nastiness throughout their scenes together. As a villain, he's certainly getting more and more menacing as he made his intentions to recapture Riley pretty clear when he was gleefully taunting Will during their exchange.

Of course with Will getting more intel on Milton, we also saw both Nomi and Amanita doing their bit to learn more about the baddies of the piece. Seeing the two of them in investigative mode with the college professor was excellent along with Wolfgang telling Riley not to give up on Will (not that anyone doubted she would) while Kala herself came up with a secret weapon of sorts to give Will an advantage over Whispers.

As for moments that weren't too plot related but important to the overall characters, we had Lito facing a grilling from an obnoxious journalist about his sexuality. That scene really set my teeth on edge as the contempt the journalist showed towards both Lito and Hernando seemed palpable. I did however like Lito's response as well as the seguing into Capheus's own storyline.

Capheus too was interviewed by a journalist named Zakia who seemed to question his Van Damme nickname before later apologising for her hasty comments. Unlike Lito's journalist, the episode went out of it's way to portray the character in a sympathetic light and it seemed that there was also a rather nice spark between the pair as well.

- The mystery of Sarah intensified in this episode with Nomi/Amanita talking to her mother and learning about Sarah's interactions with Jonas, Angelica and Milton.
- Nice flashbacks with Wolfgang and I liked his scene with Sun as well (who didn't have much to do here). Both Wolfgang and Felix are now dealing with Sebastian Fuchs as they now have a nightclub.
- Kala's father in law is running for Prime Minister, we also saw Riley with her father again while the episode ended with us meeting Milton's boss, Richard Croome as Milton freaked out about being exposed.

Who Am I? might have had that rather anvil hitting speech about identity and loss with each of the sensates during the interview scenes but it was a nice reminder of what has been at stake for the characters as the episode managed to give them an advantage over Whispers. As an opening episode, it was a great start for bigger things to come I think.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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