Thursday, January 28, 2010

Belle Is Back

I'm not gonna lie - I'm a fan of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. No, I don't advocate prostitution and yes, it can be argued that this show tends to gloss over the subject matter in question but I know good TV when I see it and this is definitely good TV.

I'm not sure who the new guy is apart from the fact that he's supposed be a love interest for Bambi but it does seem that all the regular gang are back tonight. The first two episodes aired on Showtime on Monday and get their premiere on ITV2 tonight.

It seems that Belle is trying out an attempt to be ginger. I reckon she's seen early pics of Karen Gillan for inspiration. Joke. It's a temporary look but it seems that in the first two episodes, Belle's got an agent, is looking for material for her second book, embarks on making farmyard noises and sploshing with some new clients. One of them being played by Torchwood actor Tom Price.

On Monday, Billie Piper sat down and interviewed Brooke Magnati for ITV. The interview is repeated after the first two episodes air on ITV2 for those who missed it. Season 3 begins tonight with a double bill at 10pm, followed by Billie and Brooke's interview at 11pm on the same channel.

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