Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brothers And Sisters - Season 4 Finally Airs On More4 Tonight

Finally being the operative word. Next time, More4 some freaking promotion wouldn't go amiss.

And I've discovered some of these pretties from the Brothers And Sisters TV site. Damn, they're good.

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys).

Justin Walker (Dave Annable).

Scotty Wandall (Luke Macfarlane).

Ryan Lafferty (Luke Grimes).

New Season 4 Cast show. Awesome, huh?

Season 4 starts tonight on More4 with a double of The Road Ahead and Breaking The News at 9pm. All other episodes will air from 10pm from next Thursday onwards.


Nat said...

I like that group photo shot, though its so photoshopped its ridiculous, Kitty in particular looks a little weird. I'm sure they could've done that photo au naturale in the kitchen and it would be a lot better. That said though I do like it.

Am looking forward to watching it tonight, a double bill as well!! I'll be watching one tonight and one tomorrow to spread it out a little.
Although I must say I have seen a few B&S adverts in the past few weeks, not loads but a few. They weren't very good though which is a shame.

shawnlunn2002 said...

The curse of US television with their mad photoshopping.

I'm actually doing the same as you with the episode. The review for The Road Ahead is up now and I'll catch Breaking The News tomorrow as well.