Sunday, August 01, 2010

Don't Send In The Clowns Or Gruesome Twosome

Why am I still watching the last series of Big Brother? I blame the lack of decent summer telly and the fact that I have actually been enjoying the last weeks. The bitching might be as old as Corin's overt use of the words 'mint' and 'buzzin' but while the hyperbole surrounding the showmance between John James and Josie (I give it a month) has gotten tiresome, this week's task was genius. Ignoring the obvious certainly must be hard for housemates when you have spouses, best friends and grandparents all trying to get your attention and then there were the clowns, zombies, marching bands, strippers and Davina McCall all vying for your attention. Well, it was all fun until the producers decided to add Jedward into the mix. I think Andrew's look of pure, unabashed hatred conveyed the general feeling of having the gruesome twosome trying to sing. Just no, please. As for departures, I was surprised to see Laura walk and while Ben has been an irritant in the last few weeks, I would've taken another week of him over another of Dave. Not so sure on Sam though. He could be fun but he could also wear thin pretty quickly. There's only so much winding up of Josie that he'll be able get away with.

Keeping with the summer is dull for TV mantra, I decided to watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl's third season on TG4. While it's better than the limping One Tree Hill, it just further serves that teens shows aren't as good as they used to be. Both Dawson's Creek and Party Of Five have gone overkill on the melodrama but they were usually better written/acted shows and neither of them had either Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks trying to play 'modest' roles. Also neither of them had characters as truly insufferable as Blair Waldorf. Don't get me wrong - Leighton Meester is an okay enough actress but I just find her character so bleeding vile and the dumbass class system she tried to keep going in her former school because she wasn't ruling her college with an iron fist seemed a little pathetic to be honest. Still, this isn't a show aimed for people like and I'll probably watch the episode where Chuck pretends to be gay and ignore the rest of the series.

Onto a show for teenagers that I can enjoy - of course Misfits would have to do a big turn back time episode. When you've got a character like Curtis who can turn back time, there's no way you can avoid doing it. On the plus side, this episode gave us a look into Curtis's fall from grace. He wanted to save his girlfriend from prison and got her killed first time around before inadvertantly maintaining their relationship on his last try. It's also amazing that without Curtis's intervention, mad Tony would've managed to have killed all the gang, except for Nathan. I'm calling it right now that Nathan can't die. I could be wrong but I don't think I am. However the best part of the episode was the fact that Nathan actually did get done for stealing pick and mix. I did feel bad for poor Beverley who wanted to give the lad a chance. As for Simon, he creeped me out with his scenes with Kelly during Curtis's time travel and Curtis and Alisha get over the sex thing by wanking in front of each other? Now, that's something you wouldn't get on an American show. However, maybe Alisha should invest in some gloves. Might help with her crappy powers. Oh and can Sally get a move on already? She's going after the kids at a snail's pace.

I usually don't mind episodes of Smalville that centre on Oliver but this week's episode was a bit of a dud to be honest. I didn't need to see his former mentor show up to kidnap his protege and cite that Oliver had a dark side. I'm already aware of that. The show's had some great episodes this season but this wasn't one of them. On the plus side, I did enjoy the scenes with Clark/Lois/Zod and Chloe's her usual interesting self.

- Irish viewers will get to see The Vampire Diaries, Wednesdays at 8.30pm from August 4th on TG4.
- Ugly Betty's fourth season will air on E4, Wednesdays at 9pm from August 11th.
- Dexter's fourth season will air on FXUK, Fridays at 10pm from August 20th.
- CBS will be adding a gay character in The Good Wife's second season. The character will be the brother of Alicia.
- While Sky1 have secured the rights to HBO programming, FXUK will still be the ones airing True Blood first hand. It would be nice if they got a move on with it then.
- Sherlock has been picked up for a second run, following the ratings for the first episode. The second episode airs tonight, 8.30pm on BBC1.
- Jonathan Groff will reprise his role as Jesse at some point in Glee's second season. The actor is currently doing a play in London until January.
- The new cast for the fifth and sixth series of Skins will be revealed next week. Kelly Brook will also be guest starring in the new season along with Chris Addison.

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