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My Review of True Blood's 3x03: "It Hurts Me Too"

Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Sookie: “They took someone I love from me. I don’t know about you but I was raised to fight back.”
Alcide: “Great. You’ll get us both killed.”

Ah, that Sookie Stackhouse. The girl really should come with a health warning but to be fair, while the girl can display some serious recklessness from time to time, I do admire the fact that she’s willing to get stuck in and try and rescue Bill and I don’t mean that from a shipping perspective.

Given that this season is clearly following the books, there’s no doubt that Sookie and Bill’s relationship is coming closer to imploding anyway and this episode certainly speeded up things. I’ve heard of twisted sex but trust this bloody show to be so literal about the damn thing.

Last week, we were treated to flashbacks with Eric and Godric and this week, it had to be with Bill and Lorena, didn’t it? I suppose seeing more into their past does help to give insight on the resentment harbours for Lorena over her obsession with him. Adding Caroline into the mix was also an interesting step.

Of course Bill would be one of those turned vampire who would go back to take a glimpse of his former life. Much as I hate Lorena, I always believed that she wasn’t kidding when she said doing such a thing would only cause pain. His visit to Caroline very nearly got her killed and Bill didn’t benefit from it either.

Caroline was shocked to see Bill but she was completely disgusted when she realised that he was a vampire. Having a demon there while she was struggling to bury their dead son certainly didn’t help Caroline’s frame of mind. Come to think of it, Lorena also catching a hold of her didn’t help matters either.

I was actually surprised that Lorena didn’t kill Caroline but settled for making Bill glamour his wife into forgetting their visit. Was that kindness on Lorena’s part or just preservation? Personally, I’d venture for the latter given that we know how desperate Lorena was to please Bill during their time together, a desperation that now is seeping through Bill.

He failed to get rid of her by setting her on fire, given that she survived the burning and when he vowed his allegiance to Russell, more trouble was to be had because Lorena did not believe that he was genuinely joining the team. Lorena’s got good reason to feel that way inclined though. Bill will just about do or say anything to keep Sookie safe and you don’t have to be a shipper to think that.

As for the sex scene between Lorena and Bill – he twisted her neck so he wouldn’t have to look at her during the act and she still got off on it? Lorena clearly has some bloody issues given how aggressively Bill was attacking her. Either that or Lorena will take satisfaction of Bill’s hatred towards her because it’s an indicator that he still feels something for her and that’s probably better than nothing.

Of course, Lorena is the least of Bill’s problems. Russell may have a charming banter and way about him but he’s someone that Bill will want to be very careful about going up against. Even Cooter seems to have a certain level of fear with Russell and I get the feeling that Bill may have to watch himself around that particular werewolf.

Speaking of werewolves, this episode was actually a rather perfect way to introduce Alcide into Sookie’s life. I’m slightly mixed about the character given his representation in the books, so I’m hoping that the series develops his story better, especially the dynamic with Sookie as well.

In the books, Alcide had a thing for Sookie and that’ll clearly make it’s way into the show but I liked for the most part that he was a little freaked out with her ability but admired her gumption in trying to get information at the were bar. It’s only too bad that Sookie’s snooping got the both of them the wrong kind of attention at the bar. Can Sookie not go five minutes without something or someone trying to kill her?

This episode started with a V crazed werewolf attacking Eric in her home and then nearly ended up with her as dinner for a few aggressive weres as well. If Sookie wants to find Bill, then she really does need to heed Eric’s advice about being careful. She doesn’t need to attract trouble when there’s plenty of it gunning for her anyways.

Russell using her life as a bargaining chip with Bill aside, I find that Franklin certainly has a direct approach with trying to get the goods on the girl. When Tara didn’t want to open up to him after their freaky sex, Franklin fond that little force with Jessica earned him some much needed information. I loved the little fang off between the pair of them and the glee Franklin took in showing Jessica the head of the guy she had killed a few nights before.

Franklin is finally an evil vampire on a smaller scale that we need and while I do love that he poses a threat, a part of me hated the fact that he was able to glamour Tara into inviting him into Sookie’s house. Tara’s barely been out of Maryann’s influence for less than a week and already she’s under the thrall of Franklin. The poor girl really can’t catch a break, can she?

Speaking of breaks, Sam really should consider cutting his family loose and sooner rather than later. Maybe Melina is a decent person underneath but Joe Lee is an alcoholic scumbag and Tommy certainly showed no remorse for trying to kill Sam. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been him who broke into Sam’s office and stole from him as well. Sam needs to cut this lot out of his life before they really do bleed him dry because that certainly looks like what they intend to do to him.

As for Jason, I like the fact that he wants to become a cop and do something good with his life but he really should’ve made an effort when Hoyt was trying to help memorise vital rules from the book for his exam. Jason will probably achieve the goal anyways given that he and Andy are closer now but it would be nice if he did apply himself instead of trying to wing it as well.

Also in “It Hurts Me Too”

No new names were added into the opening credits for this episode, even though Alcide did debut in this episode.

Russell (to Bill, re Talbot): “Really, it’s like Armageddon in here every time someone chips a dessert glass.”

When he wasn’t giving Sookie good advice, Eric did try to buy Lafayette with a flashy new car. Lafayette wisely expressed some reservations with Eric’s gift.

Tara: “Go ahead; bite me, fucking do it. What the hell? I said you could bite me.”
Franklin: “No.”
Tara: “Why not?”
Franklin: “Because you want me to.”

Pam: “So, the problem you have is there is no dead body in your house?”
Jessica: “Yeah.”
Pam: “Doesn’t sound like a problem to me, gotta run. Babies, they all sound the same to me.”

Yvetta’s a lucky girl, isn’t it? First, the bondage sex with Eric and now some office time with Pam. I hope she’s got health insurance.

Lorena: “This is your doing I assume.”
Bill: “Unhand her, she’s my wife.”

Caroline here was played by Shannon Lucio and halfway through the episode, Bud actually quit when Jessica’s victim’s body was found by Hoyt. And why did Arlene have to lie to Terry about him being the father of her baby?

Jason: “I know what you’re thinking but I’ve got a lot on my mind lately.”
Lafayette: “That must feel now.”

Alcide: “I hear you read minds, is that true?”
Sookie: “Yes it is.”
Alcide: “Son of a bitch.”

Alcide was hired by Eric to protect Sookie due to his father’s debts. We also learned that his ex Debbie is engaged to the pack leader as well. I’m not looking forward to Debbie’s arrival on the show to be honest.

Caroline: “If you can kill me, please I beg you, do it now.”
Lorena (to Bill): “Make her forget. You brought this upon her, you must undo it.”

Jason: “You seem okay, are you okay?”
Tara: “I’m getting there, little by little.”

It was a nice thing of Sookie to arrange Eggs’s funeral for Tara. I’m glad the both of them patched things up this week.

Sookie: “We’re not dressed properly?”
Werewolf: “You look like dinner.”

Standout music: “It Hurts Me Too” by Gaye Adegbalola.

Bill (to Lorena): “We can never love humans without bringing suffering upon them. You taught me that and I will never forgive you for it.”

Chronology: Exactly from where “Beautifully Broken” left off.

I didn’t like “It Hurts Me Too” as much as I’ve loved past episodes. Something was a little off with, even though with an average episode of this show, you’re still never bored because there’s always a lot happening so you can’t be.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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